Covenant Community Sermons


What's the Bible About? (A Man, A Flood, A Boat)

Sometimes, the Bible is viewed as a collection of small stories somewhat disconnected from one another. Although the Bible is written by more than 40 human authors, it has only one Divine Author. The Bible is written by God, and the Bible tells one main story. The Bible tells one unified story of God's actions, through Christ, to save a people for Himself, for His own glory.

Each story, each chapter, each character, and (primarily for our study) each covenant, tells this main story. The story of Noah is no exception. This story isn't about an old keeper of a floating zoo, waving from the top window. The story of Noah is the next chapter in the Bible's unfolding drama. It reveals God's character, and it points forward to the cross of Jesus Christ.

May we see God's grand redemption story. May we rejoice in it. And may we glory in the God who is its Author!

Preached by Lem Lane on January 6, 2019

Genesis 6-9