Covenant Community Sermons


Trials, Testimonies & Truth

Jesus is taken to the High Priest. He is put on trial before the Sanhedrin where He endures the testimonies of false witnesses, and boldly proclaims His identity as the Messiah, and the Son of God. He is charged with blasphemy, sentenced to death, spit upon, smitten and mocked.

Peter is on trial before servant girls and bystanders. He endures testimonies that are true. Yet, out of a love for comfort and self-preservation, he lies and denies knowing Christ. Whereas Christ was innocent but found guilty, Peter is actually guilty of great sin. The same could be said of every human.

But praise be to God, on the same night Peter denied Christ, Jesus is paying the price for Peter's denial. His death, burial and resurrection pays the price for all the sins of all those who turn to trust in Him. With such a Savior as this, why would we desire to live any other way, except for Christ-centered?

Preached by Lem Lane on March 31, 2019

Mark 14:53-72