Covenant Community Sermons


Reactions to Jesus

All of us have different reactions to different things. Some react to political news with alarm and concern, while others shrug it off. When bad things happen, some people like to talk to someone and open up, others like to keep quiet and bottle it up inside. When fearful situations are immediately upon us, we respond with either fighting, running, or freezing. And when your spouse answers wrongly to the question, “Does this make me look fat?” some get angry, and others realize…husbands are sometimes stupid.

All of our reactions may be different to a long list of scenarios and circumstances. But our reaction to Jesus must be the same. We are called to trust Him. The Word of God will reveal to us some different reactions to Jesus while He continued His ministry, as we hear from John 7:25-36.

Preached by Lem Lane on 07-18-21

John 7:25-36