Covenant Community Sermons


Knowing God of the Word

You’ve probably seen game shows during which the contestant allowed the pressure to get to them and they fail to solve the puzzle to win the prize. All the pieces of the puzzle were there, and without pressure they could solve it easily, but the prize goes un-acquired.

Sometimes, that’s how we are in Bible study. All the pieces of the painting (to switch analogies) are there, we just can’t make out the picture.

The Jews in John’s gospel are consistently confused by Jesus’ teaching. They have all the content they need, they just can’t put it together. This coming Lords Day, we plan to hear from John 7:14-24 as Jesus tells them how someone can judge rightly, and see that His teaching is from the Father. 

Preached by Lem Lane on 07-11-21

John 7:14-24