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#E51 How to Build a Business in the Motor Trade but Never taking anything for Granted: Vince Pemberton

Season 4, Ep. 51

This weeks special guest is CEO of Rivervale Cars Ltd Vince Pemberton. He has been in the motor trade and Sussex business community for nearly three decades and today he shares his journey with us. Two weeks ago we released a tribute from this episode to Vince's father Alex Pemberton who sadly passed away recently.

This is a brilliant episode from someone that was told by his careers officer he would never get a job, no one would employ him and wouldn't amount to anything, but proved that through being a good person, working hard and building relationships just how wrong they were. We talk about Vince's early career and the lessons he learnt from cold calling, to his first role at Rivervale to starting Eagle Oak Vehicles ltd with his dad. Vince tells me how he has never sold anything to anyone, he simply helps people buy what they want including some well known names such as Tony Cascarino, Teddy Sheringham and Bradley Walsh to name a few. We delve into the strong culture at Rivervale that has helped the company continue to grow from strength to strength over the years despite many challenges all businesses have faced recently, but how the people in the business are what really make it what it is, and how the values of former Chairman, the late Tommy Sopwith are still above the door as you come into the building... 'Do it the right way, do it the Rivervale way'.

There are so many great takeaways from this brilliant CEO and entrepreneur, you can tell his passion for the industry and Rivervale as a company. I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I did...

Everyone has a story to tell...

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Monday, June 5, 2023

#E63 Designing a Comfortable Future: The Power Couple Behind Posture People: Jo & Dave Blood

Season 4, Ep. 63
This week's episode of the podcast we talk to husband and wife team Jo and Dave Blood, founders of Posture People and love your workspace, experts in ergonomic chairs, sit to stand workstations and accessories such as an ergonomic mouse or an ergonomic keyboards. In this captivating episode, join us as we delve into the inspiring journey of a husband and wife team, who both were not from entrepreneurial backgrounds or initial ambitions to run their own business, but together have grown Posture People over the past 21 years to the success it is today. Discover the challenges they faced, from almost going bankrupt in 2010 to being hit hard by the pandemic, losing 90% of their business overnight. "Try selling office furniture to people when no one are in their offices" ~ Dave BloodThey tell the story of how they survived and then thrived since the pandemic, what they learnt from the challenges they have faced and how at the heart of their business success is the strong family culture they have cultivated. There is some great advice for other couples looking to go into business and how they are on a mission to help businesses big and small to create spaces where their staff are happier, healthier and more productive. Tune in to be inspired by their story and gain insights into the world of ergonomic furniture.Everyone has a story to tell...Watch the episode on YouTube ➡️ find out more about Posture People click here ➡️ SPONSORSCreative Pod ➡️ Corporate Finance ➡️ Insurance Brokers ➡️ X ➡️ by H2 Productions ➡️
Monday, May 29, 2023

#E62 The History of Branding and Finding your True Ikigai: Bill Wallsgrove

Season 4, Ep. 62
This week's episode of the podcast we talk to BranDad himself, Bill Wallsgrove. A brand strategy consultant with decades of experience from working on global brands, to running his own agency to now as a consultant supporting many individuals and businesses to discover their brand identity.Bill's knowledge is incredible as we discuss the history of branding and how a brand is so much more than just a logo or a product. As he states "A brand is what people say about you when you're not in the room". Bill talks about how his creative journey started from a young age, through to working on some of the biggest brands on the planet. He also shares some insights into running his own agency, his successes and failures that have led him to a place now as a branding consultant in Brighton where he has truly found his Ikigai.To find your Ikigai, ask yourself...What are you good at?What do you love doing?What does the world need?What can you be rewarded for?Everyone has a story to tell...Watch the episode on YouTube ➡️ connect with Bill Wallsgrove click here ➡️ SPONSORSCreative Pod ➡️ Corporate Finance ➡️ Insurance Brokers ➡️ X ➡️ by H2 Productions ➡️
Monday, May 22, 2023

#E61 From Hollywood, to Education, to Ethical Entertainment a Conversation with Romy Alford

Season 4, Ep. 61
This week's episode of the podcast we talk to the amazing, Romy Alford. She is an award winning film producer that she received whilst at university, has had an Ofsted outstanding career in education with continually nationally beating results in Media Studies, a burlesque dancing, single mother to two children and the founder of the Black Market a business she has dreamt of since she was 18.Whenever I start an episode I am keen to find out about my guests life growing up and how that has shaped who they are today. In this episode we went really deep as Romy opened up about her toxic family environment, how she never really fitted in and how that shaped her dream to create the Black Market. The company where she is making a positive change to help create a community based on ethical entertainment. This is a really powerful, inspiring episode and proof that despite our backgrounds we can achieve our goals and dreams if we believe in ourselves.Everyone has a story to tell...Watch the episode on YouTube ➡️ out more about Romy Alford click here ➡️ SPONSORSCreative Pod ➡️ Corporate Finance ➡️ Insurance Brokers ➡️ X ➡️ by H2 Productions ➡️
Monday, May 15, 2023

#E60 From the Brink: An Entrepreneur's Story from Suicide Attempt to Finding Purpose: Rob Goddard

Season 4, Ep. 60
⚠️ Trigger Warning ⚠️ This episode contains content that may be alarming to some listeners. We do talk about suicide, which we know can be distressing.This week's episode of the podcast we talk to a truly inspirational entrepreneur, Rob Goddard, as I am joined on this special episode by my co-host, the wonderful Jo Baldwin Trott. Rob is an investor, author, mentor, board advisor and someone that has grown and sold many businesses, but on his journey has faced some tough times that he shares in his book 'Suicide to Success' and today will share with us.When I started this podcast I wanted to create a space to have truly authentic, open and honest conversations about the entrepreneurial journey, the up's, down's and everything else in between. I have been fortunate enough that my guests have gone deep and shared their highest highs and lowest lows, none more so than Rob Goddard. Rob's inspiring story takes us to a place in his life where he ran away from his problems in the UK, he lost his job, marriage, was in debt and found himself at the top of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai where he had planned to end his life, only a locked fire exit stopped him. Rob discusses his mindset around this time and how a conversation and reaching out to a good friend Alex and asking for help, allowed him to make some changes and rebuild his life. Rob has gone on to build and sell many successful businesses but with clarity and purpose. We talk about success and what that looks like to him now, and the two most important things in life, your health and relationships. With suicide still the biggest killer in men under 45 in the UK, this is why we need to have these conversations and change the narrative that vulnerability and asking for help is brave and sign of strength, NOT weakness. There are so many incredible takeaways from this episode that I would need to write a book to cover them all. I am so grateful to Rob for being such an amazing guest as well as my incredible co-host Jo for helping me record one of the most powerful episodes of the podcast yet..Everyone has a story to tell...Watch the episode on YouTube ➡️ out more about Rob Goddard click here ➡️ SPONSORSCreative Pod ➡️ Corporate Finance ➡️ Insurance Brokers ➡️ X ➡️ by H2 Productions ➡️
Thursday, May 11, 2023

Bonus Episode: Thriving in the Face of Cancer: A Businesswoman's Story of Resilience: Sarah Hurst

In this weeks bonus episode we talk with the inspirational Sarah Hurst. The founder and also Aesthetic Therapist at Sarah Hurst Skin Clinic in Brighton. She is also the Co-author of the best selling book Beauty and the Best.This is a truly inspirational story of resilience and power of a positive mindset. Sarah takes us on her entrepreneurial journey that started from a young age and built up her skin clinic with a strong team around her to create a thriving business. How she survived and thrived during the pandemic as well as her raw openness and honesty about how she lost her sister to breast cancer and her own battle with ovarian cancer. How she raised over £5000 for charity from her head shave to how she climbed Mount Snowdon during a round of chemotherapy. This is a truly incredible story of resilience and self belief and an episode you will not want to miss.What's the choice? The choices are to lie in the gutter or look at the stars' Everyone has a story to tell...Watch the episode on YouTube ➡️ out more about Sarah Hurst click here ➡️ SPONSORSCreative Pod ➡️ Corporate Finance ➡️ Insurance Brokers ➡️ X ➡️ by H2 Productions ➡️
Monday, May 8, 2023

#E59 Behind the Scenes of the Hospitality Industry: A Career Built on Passion: Andrew Mosley

Season 4, Ep. 59
My guest on the podcast this week is someone that has been an inspirational and influential figure within the Sussex Business Community for many years, he is the Managing Director at the Grand Brighton and Richmond Hill Hotels, Andrew Mosley.This is a truly brilliant episode packed with passion, inspiration, insights, humour and a lot more. We take a look back and Andrew's life growing up and how an experience in a restaurant at a young age played with his emotions and ignited a passion in him that led to a lifelong career in hospitality. We discuss what it was like running Brighton's most iconic hotel during the global pandemic, the culture he has helped to create at both the Grand and Richmond hill hotels, as well as sharing a couple of stories about some well known public figures, the Ricky Gervais story is pure gold. The main takeaway though is clear throughout the entire episode and that is Andrew's clear passion and love for hospitality. He is someone from a young age that followed his passion, was focused, genuinely loves what he does and why he has no regrets.Everyone has a story to tell...Watch the episode on YouTube ➡️ out more about Andrew Mosley click here ➡️ SPONSORSCreative Pod ➡️ Corporate Finance ➡️ Insurance Brokers ➡️ X ➡️ by H2 Productions ➡️
Monday, May 1, 2023

#E58 The Power of the Arts: How the Brighton Festival and Brighton Dome CEO are Inspiring Creativity

Season 4, Ep. 58
My guest this week is CEO of Brighton Dome and Festival Andrew Comben. Andrew is a prominent figure in the arts and culture scene in Brighton, UK. He has been the Chief Executive of Brighton Dome and Festivals for the past 15 years. During his tenure, he oversaw the transformation of the historic Brighton Dome venue and helped establish Brighton as a leading cultural destination. Under Andrew's leadership, Brighton Dome underwent a major refurbishment, which included the restoration of the Corn Exchange and Studio Theatre, as well as the creation of a new restaurant and bar. This not only modernized the venue but also helped to attract a wider range of performers and events.This was a fascinating conversation from an incredible leader. We talk about life growing up for Andrew as a gay child in the 70' and 80's and how music, arts and culture helped him find his place. We take a look at his 15 year tenure as CEO of the Dome and festival, the positive impact arts and culture have on Brighton and how he navigated through the challenges of the pandemic. Throughout the whole conversation Andrew's passion for the industry and his role as CEO is clear as we discuss the culture he has created at the Dome, the power of partnerships and community that the festival has established in the city and a look at what is in store for this years festival with guest director Nabihah Iqbal. This is brilliant conversation and insight into the world of arts and culture and Andrew's instrumental role in developing the Brighton Festival into one of the UK's leading arts festivals. Andrew's rule for living a fulfilled life:"Optimism and have faith in people' Everyone has a story to tell...Watch the episode on YouTube ➡️ out more about Brighton Festival click here ➡️ SPONSORSCreative Pod ➡️ Corporate Finance ➡️ Insurance Brokers ➡️ X ➡️ by H2 Productions ➡️
Monday, April 24, 2023

#E57 Rowing the Atlantic: Lessons from a Philanthropic Journey of Perseverance: Matt Garman

Season 4, Ep. 57
My guest on the Podcast this week is Matt Garman, Creator and CEO of Sales Enabla. He is Sales Enablement Expert with in a variety of sales related businesses spanning three decades, he is Speaker, Mentor, Non Exec Director, Ironman, Channel Swimmer and most recently to add to the repertoire he has just rowed the Atlantic Ocean. I recorded this episode of the podcast with him which was two hours long and in all honesty I was literally blown away but his openness, honesty, vulnerability and inspirational story. Matt talks about life growing up as a middle child and his pursuit to prove he could be a success, not only to himself but those around him especially his dad. He shares how at 16 it was suggested that he leave home and forge his own path as the academic route was not for him. After growing and selling successful businesses and completing numerous challenges such as Iron man and swimming the channel, we delve into the mindset of how this incredible indivdual prepares for and achieves such amazing feats, including the struggles and mental challenges he faced whilst rowing the Atlantic, and the impact the challenge had on him and his family. Finally he talks about some of the lessons he has learnt along the way, his need to no longer prove anything to anyone and his current journey to live a less complicated life. This episode will literally blow you away as it has me, its is truly epic."Judge yourself against the person you were yesterday not who someone else is today"Everyone has a story to tell...Watch the episode on YouTube ➡️ out more about Matt Garman click here ➡️ SPONSORSCreative Pod ➡️ Corporate Finance ➡️ Insurance Brokers ➡️ X ➡️ by H2 Productions ➡️