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#E43 Breaking the Blueprint to be Happy 😊 | Lyndsey Clay

Season 3, Ep. 43

My Guest on the podcast this week is Lyndsey Clay, a Qualified Coach, Networking Champion and Social Concierge, who is passionate about connecting people through supporting local businesses to create lasting personal and professional relationships, right here in Brighton & Hove.

Lyndsey's fascinating journey into entrepreneurship started during lockdown, but this is not just a story about business, as Lyndsey shares her personal journey through infertility, miscarriage, IVF and divorce, and how her experiences over the last few years have impacted her sense of self and of belonging. 

Lyndsey shared how during some dark times, her road to recovery started by listening to others' stories, realising she was not alone, and in March 2017 she started a blog on Instagram promoting her newfound ethos with the motto:

 "when you don’t fit the blueprint, break the mould". 

For me her story highlights that when life does not go according to plan, if you have enthusiasm and a positive attitude towards life and embrace it, you can change direction and find true happiness. She has started something extremely special with Connected Brighton as she builds her community, and I wish her continued success. 

Everyone has a story to tell... Happy Listening 🎧

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  • 85. #85 Beyond Banking: Insights on Leadership, Business and Overcoming Adversity with Simon Nicholson

    In this dynamic episode, we are thrilled to host Simon Nicholson, the Branch Manager of Handelsbanken. Simon isn't your typical banker—he's a seasoned professional with over 16 years in the industry, boasting a unique journey from boarding school to co-founding and successfully selling his own business with his wife. Join us as we unravel Simon's extraordinary path, from his early entrepreneurial ventures to his leadership roles in banking giants like Barclays and Handelsbanken.Simon's leadership style is a force to be reckoned with, characterized by unwavering motivation, a profound understanding of corporate, business, and retail banking, and a knack for strategic development. He shares his secrets to driving high performance, setting clear objectives, and making decisive decisions. But Simon's expertise extends beyond the boardroom—his passion for motor racing and go-karting reveals a trove of lessons from the track that seamlessly translate into the business realm.Key takeaways from this wonderful conversation include the principles of leading people while efficiently managing processes, discovering marginal gains in your business, and leveraging failures as invaluable learning experiences.In a candid moment, Simon opens up about facing a challenging year marked by health struggles. Yet, his positive mindset and a day-by-day approach have been his pillars of strength. Simon's resilience, coupled with his wealth of knowledge, transforms this episode into a treasure trove of insights and actionable takeaways for your business.Get ready to be inspired as Simon imparts his wisdom, offering a riveting blend of business acumen, entrepreneurial spirit, and a resilient mindset. This episode is a must-listen, packed with valuable insights that you can implement in your business today. Tune in and experience the power of leadership, perseverance, and the triumph of a positive mindset.To watch the episode on YouTube click here 🧢 connect with Simon click here 🧢 thanks to our sponsors and producers who make these moments possible.OUR SPONSORSRivervale 🧢 X 🧢 VT 🧢 Jasmine Day Spa's and Therapies 🧢 Hove 🧢 PRODUCERSH2 Productions Ltd 🧢
  • 84. #84 Inspiring Dreams: The Making of 'Vindication Swim' with Elliott Hasler

    Our guest this week, is the trailblazing British film director and screenwriter, Elliott Hasler, renowned for his upcoming cinematic masterpiece, 'Vindication Swim.' This award-winning visionary has dedicated three years to crafting this fantastic movie, capturing the essence of courage, resilience, and determination in the face of both icy English Channel waters and the oppressive societal norms of 1920s England.In a cinematic odyssey that took him from the depths of the English Channel to the prestigious Warner Bros. De Lane Lea Studios, Hasler's relentless pursuit of excellence has garnered attention from industry titans and media moguls alike. Variety, Deadline, The Times, and the Daily Mail have sung praises, while BBC and ITV news documented the extraordinary development of this biopic.Elliott's cinematic journey commenced at an early age with the creation of 'WWII: The Long Road Home.' A testament to his prodigious talent, this film, completed in 2017 at the tender age of 16, earned accolades from New York critic Graham Fuller, who deemed it "a miracle achievement for a schoolboy director."In our conversation, Elliott delves into his deep-seated passion for filmmaking, emphasizing the paramount importance of pursuing one's dreams. The genesis of 'Vindication Swim' springs from his inspiration drawn from the incredible life of Mercedes Gleitze, the first British woman to conquer the Channel. This inspirational tale not only showcases Mercedes' triumph over frigid waters but also underscores her battle against the societal shackles of the roaring twenties.March 8, 2024, marks a momentous occasion, as 'Vindication Swim' is set to be unleashed on the world, perfectly aligned with International Women's Day, celebrating the indomitable spirit of women. Elliott's journey at the tender age of 23 is nothing short of staggering, and this conversation serves as a testament to his unwavering passion for filmmaking. Sussex has found its cinematic maestro, its own Steven Spielberg, and Elliot Hasler is the embodiment of why chasing dreams is not just a pursuit but a calling.To watch the episode on YouTube click here 🧢 watch the trailer for Vindication Swim click here 🧢 thanks to our sponsors and producers who make these moments possible.OUR SPONSORSRivervale 🧢 X 🧢 VT 🧢 Jasmine Day Spa's and Therapies 🧢 Hove 🧢 PRODUCERSH2 Productions Ltd 🧢
  • 83. #83 Gold Medal Mindset: Lessons from the Rink with Robin Cousins

    🏅✨ Different Hats Series 6 launches with a bang, featuring none other than the iconic Olympic Champion and figure skating legend, Robin Cousins. This episode is a journey through the extraordinary life of a man who defied odds, shattered expectations, and left an indelible mark on the world of ice skating.🌍 Join me as I unravel the captivating narrative of Robin's life, starting from his humble beginnings in Bristol. Discover the roots of his profound love for ice skating, a passion that propelled him to Olympic glory despite being told he was "too tall" and "too impetuous." Robin's story is a testament to the resilience that lies within, proving that going against the grain can lead to unparalleled success.🚀 Explore the challenges Robin faced, especially in the realm of injury, and how his sheer determination and unwavering resilience brought him back to clinch the Olympic gold. This episode is a masterclass in the art of turning setbacks into stepping stones, as Robin shares insights on the importance of hard work, determination, and maintaining a positive mindset in the pursuit of one's dreams.❤️ Revel in the wisdom as Robin emphasizes the significance of finding what you love and staying true to that path. Learn how talent can open doors, but it's the combination of relentless effort and a positive mindset that propels individuals to greater heights.🌟 The conversation takes a deep dive into the pinnacle of success, but it doesn't stop there. Robin sheds light on the crucial role of building a supportive team, even in an individual sport. Discover the power of collaboration and surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals who share your passion and drive for excellence.🎙️ This episode is packed with inspiration, resilience, and passion. Robin Cousins's authenticity shines through, making this conversation a wellspring of motivation and countless takeaways for anyone seeking true joy and success. Don't miss out on this extraordinary journey—hit play now and let the magic unfold! To watch the episode on YouTube click here 🧢 thanks to our sponsors and producers who make these moments possible.OUR SPONSORSRivervale 🧢 X 🧢 VT 🧢 Jasmine Day Spa's and Therapies 🧢 Hove 🧢 PRODUCERSH2 Productions Ltd 🧢
  • Lessons From Listening Series 5 Round Up

    Welcome to the exhilarating Series 5 Roundup of the Different Hats Podcast, where over the past 16 weeks, I've had the privilege of delving deep into profound conversations with extraordinary individuals. These remarkable guests have generously shared their awe-inspiring journeys — from humble beginnings to the pinnacle of success, navigating through challenges, and embracing invaluable lessons along the way.This series marks the inception of the newly re-branded Different Hats Podcast, and I took these conversations to unprecedented depths. The openness, vulnerability, and honesty exhibited by my guests gave rise to episodes of unparalleled power and resonance.What continually astonishes me is the unwavering resilience and strength demonstrated by these individuals. Many of them have triumphed over life's most formidable challenges, be it battling cancer, surviving sexual abuse, enduring divorce, grappling with mental health issues, or facing the brink of death itself. This series encapsulates the full spectrum of human experience, as we gain insights from these inspirational figures about the skills, traits, and mindset that propelled them to not just survive, but to thrive in the face of adversity.A heartfelt shout-out to my co-host for two episodes, the incredible Gary Peters. His subsequent venture, the Authentic Resilience Podcast, kicked off with a compelling episode featuring Damian Hughes. I extend my deepest gratitude to all the phenomenal guests who shared their stories, and to each one of you, our cherished listeners.As we wrap up Series 5, I'm thrilled to announce that Series 6 is on the horizon. Join me on this ongoing mission as we help the world to see success differently. To watch the episode on YouTube click here 🧢 thanks to our sponsors and producers who make these moments possible.OUR SPONSORSRivervale 🧢 X 🧢 VT 🧢 Jasmine Day Spa's and Therapies 🧢 Hove 🧢 PRODUCERSH2 Productions Ltd 🧢
  • 82. #82 The Adventureholic: How Neil Laughton's Adventure Philosophy Can Transform Your Life

    Welcome to the captivating conclusion of Series 5, marking the debut of the reimagined Different Hats Podcast. This episode is nothing short of extraordinary as I sit down with the remarkable Neil Laughton, the Adventureholic himself. A luminary with a multitude of accolades—entrepreneur, Guinness World Record holder, former Royal Marine Commando, helicopter pilot, special forces officer, and acclaimed speaker. Neil is also the author of the riveting book, "Adventureholic: Extraordinary Journeys on Seven Continents by Land, Sea, and Air."Our conversation embarks on Neil's inspirational journey, where he proves that with unwavering enthusiasm, a positive mindset, and self-belief, one can overcome any challenge. From his formative years at boarding school, where a head teacher predicted his failure in GCSE exams, to the loss of his father to cancer that temporarily halted his dream of becoming a Royal Marine, Neil's resilience and resourcefulness shine through.We traverse through Neil's corporate ventures, his stint in the special forces, and the pivotal moment when he decided to forge his own path after three consecutive employment setbacks. Over 17 years, he nurtured his company to a staggering £40 million turnover, a journey culminating in a decision about its fate made with a simple toss of a coin.The podcast delves into Neil's incredible adventures—from summiting Everest with Bear Grylls to paddle boarding through the Amazon—unveiling profound lessons along the way. Neil distills his philosophy for a fulfilling adventurous life into three core traits: Curiosity CourageResilienceOur discussion uncovers key takeaways on leadership, teamwork, and self-belief as we explore the depths of Neil's mindset. Against the backdrop of his myriad accomplishments, we unravel how he defines success. As we draw the curtain on this series, the inaugural installment of the revamped Different Hats podcast, we conclude with a man who has undeniably worn many hats throughout his remarkable and fulfilled life.To watch the episode on YouTube click here 🧢 find out more about the Adventureholic and buy the book go to 🧢 thanks to our sponsors and producers who make these moments possible.OUR SPONSORSRivervale 🧢 X 🧢 VT 🧢 Jasmine Day Spa's and Therapies 🧢 Hove 🧢 PRODUCERSH2 Productions Ltd 🧢
  • 81. #81 From Darkness to Dough: Jo Hunter's Inspiring Journey of Resilience, Courage, and the Birth of Piglets Pantry

    ⚠️ Warning ⚠️ This episode contains content that may be alarming to some listeners. We do talk about suicide and child abuse, which we know can be distressing.Step into the realm of inspiration with our latest podcast episode featuring Jo Hunter, the Chief Food Lover behind the remarkable and award-winning handcrafted food producer, Piglets Pantry. Join me as I delve into Jo's extraordinary journey, marked by resilience, courage, and an unyielding spirit.In this gripping episode, Jo bares her soul, recounting a traumatic childhood marred by abuse from her stepfather. Yet, amidst the darkness, she discovered solace in her grandmother's love for baking—a transformative escape that ultimately shaped her destiny. Unveiling a poignant narrative, Jo shares the emotional void of not knowing her father for the initial 25 years of her life and the heart-wrenching rejection upon finally meeting him.The episode takes a profound turn as Jo opens up about a dark period in her life, a moment of despair that led to a pivotal conversation in the hospital with her mother. From that dialogue emerged the seedling idea for Piglets Pantry—a venture that would become Jo's lifeline and a testament to her resilience.Dive into a riveting discussion on Piglets Pantry's phenomenal growth, securing contracts with prestigious clients like Brighton & Hove Albion FC, and receiving endorsements from culinary luminaries such as Paul Hollywood, Chris Evans, and Mary Berry. Jo's infectious passion for her craft and the culinary world is illuminated as she shares how baking is intricately woven into her DNA.Together, we explore the challenges and setbacks encountered along Jo's entrepreneurial journey, with failure emerging as a crucial stepping stone towards the triumphs that awaited her. Jo's narrative is a powerful testament to the transformative potential of perseverance and an unwavering belief in one's dreams.Prepare to be captivated by Jo Hunter's inspiring tale—her strength, courage, and resilience serving as a guiding light for anyone in search of hope and motivation. This episode is not just a podcast; it's an odyssey of triumph over adversity, an invitation to believe in the extraordinary possibilities that await those who refuse to give up.To watch the episode on YouTube click here 🧢 find out more about Piglets Pantry go to 🧢 thanks to our sponsors and producers who make these moments possible.OUR SPONSORSRivervale 🧢 X 🧢 VT 🧢 Jasmine Day Spa's and Therapies 🧢 Hove 🧢 PRODUCERSH2 Productions Ltd 🧢
  • 80. #80 How to live a Life with Creativity, Inspiration and Purpose: The Different Hats of Toby Moore

    Join me this week as I dive into a dynamic conversation with the extraordinary Toby Moore—a true Renaissance man donning multiple hats as a businessman, creative entrepreneur, author, and the curator of TedX Brighton. This isn't just another podcast; it's a powerful exploration of creative freedom, purpose, and embracing life's diverse experiences.Discover Toby's fascinating journey, from closing his first business to navigating parenthood and coping with loss. We tackle profound topics, including his unique take on the education system, along with insights on fostering creativity and building a life of purpose.As the curator of TedX Brighton, Toby imparts invaluable advice for aspiring speakers, posing thought-provoking questions:What do you want to teach others?What do you want to change people's minds about?What do you care about deeply?Why YOU?A standout moment revolves around a powerful message: whatever path you choose, always ask yourself, "Are you taking the path of least regret?" This episode is a journey towards a life filled with inspiration, creativity, and purpose.To watch the episode on YouTube click here 🧢 find out more about Toby or purchase his fantastic book 'Make It - how to work with clarity, confidence and creativity' go to 🧢 thanks to our sponsors and producers who make these moments possible.OUR SPONSORSRivervale 🧢 X 🧢 VT 🧢 Jasmine Day Spa's and Therapies 🧢 Hove 🧢 PRODUCERSH2 Productions Ltd 🧢
  • 79. #79 From the Stands to the Boardroom: The Dick Knight Story

    Welcome to an extraordinary episode of our podcast! We're thrilled to bring back our amazing co-host and friend from the Authentic Resilience Podcast, Gary Peters, for another collaboration that promises to be even more captivating than the last.In the spotlight this week is none other than a true Brighton Legend, the remarkable Mr. Dick Knight. A dynamic entrepreneur who spearheaded a highly successful advertising agency, Dick and his team were the masterminds behind the iconic "Hello Boys" Wonderbra adverts. Beyond his achievements in the business world, he also served as the chairman of Brighton & Hove Albion F.C. from 1997 to 2009, steering the club through both challenging and triumphant times.A lifelong devotee of the club, Dick took the reins in 1997 after leading fan-driven efforts to overhaul the previous board. Despite facing adversity, he navigated the club through pivotal moments, leaving an indelible mark on its history. While Tony Bloom took over as chairman in 2009, Dick Knight remains the esteemed life president of Brighton & Hove Albion.In this episode, we have the privilege of unraveling Dick's extraordinary journey — from his half-century devotion to BHAFC to assuming the role of Chairman and rescuing the club he held dear. We delve into his early career, exploring the growth of his advertising agency into a global powerhouse with nearly 4000 employees. Dick generously shares the invaluable skills he gleaned from the business world — determination, enthusiasm, and a relentless drive to succeed — which he seamlessly translated into the realm of football.Tune in as Dick recounts the epic battle for control of the club and his strategic efforts to set BHAFC on the path to its current success. As a bonus, he regales us with incredible stories involving luminaries such as Laurence Olivier, Liam Brady, Michel Platini, and more. This episode only scratches the surface of the incredible journey of this remarkable man, making it the perfect finale to an exceptional year. Prepare to be inspired as we uncover the layers of Dick Knight's fascinating story, and we hope you enjoy listening as much as we enjoyed recording it!. To watch the episode on YouTube click here 🧢 thanks to our sponsors and producers who make these moments possible.OUR SPONSORSRivervale 🧢 X 🧢 VT 🧢 Jasmine Day Spa's and Therapies 🧢 Hove 🧢 PRODUCERSH2 Productions Ltd 🧢
  • 78. #78 Shed to Success: Unveiling the Inspirational Story of Posturite with Ian Fletcher Price 🎙️

    This week on the podcast, we bring you the incredible story of Ian Fletcher Price, the man behind a true Sussex Success story. From crafting an ergonomic writing board in his mother's shed to leading a global enterprise, Fletch's journey is nothing short of awe-inspiring.Join us as Fletch takes us back to his boarding school days, shares the pivotal moment of expulsion at 17, and recounts his unconventional path through the insurance industry. It was a career that didn't quite fit, and Fletch knew it was time to forge his own destiny.At 26, Fletch moved back in with his Mum, transforming her garden shed into the birthplace of his entrepreneurial dreams. From those humble beginnings, Posturite was born. Today, the company stands tall, supplying workplace health solutions to over 30 countries, with a staggering £33 million turnover and a team of 200.In this candid conversation, Fletch opens up about the hurdles of the early days—sleepless nights, financial strains, and the constant worry of making ends meet. His resilience shines through as he reveals how fear of failure became his driving force, and the emotional rollercoaster of realizing his financial dreams after selling the company in 2020. This episode is a testament to the power of perseverance and self-belief.As Fletch shares the triumphs and tribulations of his journey, business owners and dreamers alike will find resonance in the challenges he faced. His story is not just about success; it's about embracing the struggle and using it as a stepping stone to achieving great things.Tune in for a dose of inspiration, a candid look behind the scenes of building an empire from scratch, and the unwavering belief that kept Fletch going. This conversation is a boost of motivation to keep forging ahead, no matter the obstacles. Prepare to be blown away by the sheer determination and success of a man who turned an innovative idea into a multi million pound company.To watch the episode on YouTube click here 🧢 find out more about Posturite Click here 🧢 thanks to our sponsors and producers who make these moments possible.OUR SPONSORSRivervale 🧢 X 🧢 VT 🧢 Jasmine Day Spa's and Therapies 🧢 Hove 🧢 PRODUCERSH2 Productions Ltd 🧢