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#E43 | Lyndsey Clay: Breaking the Blueprint to be Happy 😊

Season 3, Ep. 43

My Guest on the podcast this week is Lyndsey Clay, a Qualified Coach, Networking Champion and Social Concierge, who is passionate about connecting people through supporting local businesses to create lasting personal and professional relationships, right here in Brighton & Hove.

Lyndsey's fascinating journey into entrepreneurship started during lockdown, but this is not just a story about business, as Lyndsey shares her personal journey through infertility, miscarriage, IVF and divorce, and how her experiences over the last few years have impacted her sense of self and of belonging. 

Lyndsey shared how during some dark times, her road to recovery started by listening to others' stories, realising she was not alone, and in March 2017 she started a blog on Instagram promoting her newfound ethos with the motto:

 "when you don’t fit the blueprint, break the mould". 

For me her story highlights that when life does not go according to plan, if you have enthusiasm and a positive attitude towards life and embrace it, you can change direction and find true happiness. She has started something extremely special with Connected Brighton as she builds her community, and I wish her continued success. 

Everyone has a story to tell... Happy Listening 🎧

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#E52 Time is Our Most Valuable Commodity ~ How to Live Life on your Terms: Monty Munford

Season 4, Ep. 52
Welcome to this weeks episode of the podcast with very special guest Monty Munford. Monty is a keynote speaker on technology, speaking at more than 200 global events... He has interviewed and conducted fireside chats with names such as Kim Kardashian, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, Steve Wozniak (twice), and more at the world's best tech events. He was previously a weekly tech columnist for Forbes in New York, the Telegraph in the UK and has contributed to the FT, MIT Tech Review, Mashable, Wired, Newsweek, TechCrunch, The Guardian, The Independent, Times of India and many more. He continues to write regularly for the BBC and The Economist and a weekly column on finance for City AM.He has appeared in two Bollywood movies as an actor, and over the past decade has worked as a strategist with 25 companies and created an accumulated value of $1.2 billion through Series A-D funding and exits. I had the pleasure of meeting Monty recently and he is genuinely one of the most intriguing, interesting, charismatic and inspirational person I have had the pleasure of chatting to on the podcast. I man with endless stories of incredible life experiences, seeing the world, meeting amazing people, experiencing different cultures and interviewing some of the most iconic people on the planet. We talk about travel, writing his first novel, crypto currency, interviewing Steve Wozniak, his divorce and how the next chapter of his life starts with writing his next book that has been 25 years in the making. This is a truly fascinating episode that I know you'll love listening to as much as I did recording it. The biggest takeaway for me was his reference to time being our most valuable commodity and what we should do to live a fulfilled life.Everyone has a story to tell...Watch the episode on YouTube ➡️ out more about Monty Munford here ➡️ SPONSORSCreative Pod ➡️ Corporate Finance ➡️ Insurance Brokers ➡️ X ➡️ by H2 Productions ➡️

#E51 How to Build a Business in the Motor Trade but Never taking anything for Granted: Vince Pemberton

Season 4, Ep. 51
This weeks special guest is CEO of Rivervale Cars Ltd Vince Pemberton. He has been in the motor trade and Sussex business community for nearly three decades and today he shares his journey with us. Two weeks ago we released a tribute from this episode to Vince's father Alex Pemberton who sadly passed away recently. This is a brilliant episode from someone that was told by his careers officer he would never get a job, no one would employ him and wouldn't amount to anything, but proved that through being a good person, working hard and building relationships just how wrong they were. We talk about Vince's early career and the lessons he learnt from cold calling, to his first role at Rivervale to starting Eagle Oak Vehicles ltd with his dad. Vince tells me how he has never sold anything to anyone, he simply helps people buy what they want including some well known names such as Tony Cascarino, Teddy Sheringham and Bradley Walsh to name a few. We delve into the strong culture at Rivervale that has helped the company continue to grow from strength to strength over the years despite many challenges all businesses have faced recently, but how the people in the business are what really make it what it is, and how the values of former Chairman, the late Tommy Sopwith are still above the door as you come into the building... 'Do it the right way, do it the Rivervale way'.There are so many great takeaways from this brilliant CEO and entrepreneur, you can tell his passion for the industry and Rivervale as a company. I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I did... Everyone has a story to tell...Watch the episode on YouTube ➡️ out more about Vince Pemberton here ➡️ SPONSORSCreative Pod ➡️ Corporate Finance ➡️ Insurance Brokers ➡️ X ➡️ by H2 Productions ➡️

#E50 Using The Power of Visualisation to Achieve High Performance: Sally Gunnell OBE

Season 4, Ep. 50
This is the 50th Episode of the County Business TALKS podcast and the start of series 4. To kick off this series I was honoured and privileged to welcome the one and only Sally Gunnell OBE; the Essex Girl who captured the hearts of a nation. She remains the only woman ever to hold four major track titles concurrently – with Gold medals in the Olympic, World, European and Commonwealth games.Following her retirement from international athletics, she developed a new career as a television presenter and inspirational speaker and has written four books on fitness, health, self-fulfilment, and wellbeing.This was such an honour to have this conversation as Sally shared her inspirational story, we discussed what life was like growing up on the farm in Essex and her early athletics career at Essex ladies. We delve into that glance in 1991 in the final of the World Championships that cost her the gold medal, her mindset around then and how she bounced back, focusing on her mindset and using the power of visualisation to achieve her dream, as a year later in Barcelona 1992 she was standing on the podium as Olympic Champion. We talk about teamwork, even in individual sport and how important it was to surround herself with a great team to help her achieve her goals. Sally discussed the later part of her athletics career and her struggles with injury, to life after athletics as a business woman and sharing the lessons she has learnt through her journey around resilience and visualisation to achieve high performance not only in business but in life, and inspiring others with her incredible story. I could not have thought of a better way to celebrate my 50th episode and kick off Series 4 💥 Everyone has a story to tell... Watch the episode on YouTube ➡️ out more about Sally Gunnell here ➡️ SPONSORSCreative Pod ➡️ Corporate Finance ➡️ Insurance Brokers ➡️ X ➡️ by H2 Productions ➡️