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Cardboard of the Rings Presents

Sportsball of the Rings - 2022 NBA Postmortem *Corrected*

Bard Lee tries to reign Shellin in as they cover the 2022 NBA Finals and more in this look-back at the season and playoffs. They also answer questions such as biggest regrets, biggest what-if, which teams showed us the most, who will improve upon this year's performance, and which teams will look different next year.

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  • 4. Road to Rings 2023

    The Long and Dark Road that leads to your podcast feed will never disappear. Bard Lee and Shellin return for the 2023 edition of Road to Rings and discuss some strategy related to general Con of the Rings goings, the two featured cycles, and talk about what decks they plan to have at the convention. Fans of the show come and request a game with us!
  • 1. Ranking of Quest Mechanics Ep 1

    Join Bard Lee and Shellin for the Sequel to Ranking of Story, Ranking of Quests by Mechanics but not including theme, story, nor integration of theme or story into mechanics of the quest OR ROQBMBNTSNIOTOSIMOTQ.
  • Backboard of the Rings - Post Finals Pt 2

    Join Bard Lee, Shellin, and Beorn as they talk about the heating up off-season. Bard Lee talks about wingspans (not the board game) during a draft love/hate, the squad muses over the rash of trades and rumored trades (they recorded before the John Collins trade, sadly), and then each host talks about the state of their team.
  • Backboard of the Rings - Post Finals Pt 1

    Join Bard Lee, Shellin, and Beorn as they look back at the 2023 NBA Finals. The gang discuss the Heat and what they could do to reach the mountaintop and then crown the Nuggets and gush over Jokic and the team building. Then they remember some of their favorite moments from the season.
  • Backboard of the Rings - 2023 Finals Preview

    Join Bard Lee and Shellin as they preview the upcoming NBA Finals match-up between the Denver Nuggets and Miami Heat. But first, Bard Lee takes a victory lap, the hosts talk about 6 players who impressed them despite not making the Finals, and answer a couple of quick team related questions. Then they talk thoughts on the two teams and make predictions.
  • Backboard of the Rings - WEMBY!!!!! 2023 Lottery Reax

    Prepare your onion soups, makes some fries, put on a sweet jacket, it's Wemby time, baby! Join Bard Lee, Shellin, and Beorn as they discuss the 2023 lottery results and what it means for Victor Wembanyama and the San Antonio Spurs. They also discuss the Blazers and the 3rd pick and some other things related to the draft.
  • Lego Rivendell Review

    Join Matt (Thanatopsis) as he reviews the Lego Rivendell set and shares thoughts about his building experience, how successfully it represents Lord of the Rings, what he's loved and found lacking about coverage of the set, what he's done with the set since building it, and more! Also, Bard Lee is there too, but doesn't own the set so just steers the ship mostly. Should you save up for this set? Listen to find out!!!
  • Backboard of the Rings - Playoff Preview

    It's the LeBron James of Lotr LCG podcasts talking about basketball. Join Bard Lee and Shellin as they preview the first round of the NBA playoffs. They discuss their preseason predictions, talk about each of the first round matchups and make picks for those series and the finals. Bard Lee played basketball in real life, but it was an ordeal to make it happen.
  • 1. Tardy Takes Seminar - Noldor

    Join Tardy Takes hosts, Bard Lee and Shellin, as they deviate from the usual routine and take a medium level dive on a single topic related to the Lord of the Rings LCG. In this episode, the hosts take a look at the Noldor trait and what defines it both in cards and mechanics, what makes it so good, and some variations on the deck that do and don't work. Later in the episode, the Cheez-It Bowl gets discussed in greater detail than anyone ever has done.This first episode of the series is free to download, future episodes will be for Cardboard of the Rings Patrons. If you have a topic or suggestion, send it along to the hosts; this series will be infrequent and ongoing.