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Backboard of the Rings - Post Finals Pt 2

Join Bard Lee, Shellin, and Beorn as they talk about the heating up off-season. Bard Lee talks about wingspans (not the board game) during a draft love/hate, the squad muses over the rash of trades and rumored trades (they recorded before the John Collins trade, sadly), and then each host talks about the state of their team.

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  • 5. A Long-extended Podcast - Alonewolf87

    In the return of this limited series, CotR and ALeP member, Shellin interviews some of the people who helped bring ALeP to life. In this episode, he talks to alonewolf87 (Walter) about the how the game and project are received in Italy, and how Walter helps make sure ALeP's cards conform to the rules of the game.Walter's YouTube channel:
  • 3. Shardboard of the Rings - Yumi and the Nightmare Painter

    Eric, Mark, and Matt return after a long Brandon Sanderson hiatus to discuss Yumi and the Nightmare Painter, the second cosmere related Secret Project that released in 2023.
  • Backboard of the Rings 2024 All Stars and Trades

    Bard Lee, Shellin, and Beorn convene to talk about who they picked as All Star starters back in January. Sometimes, they look like geniuses, sometimes like the coaches and media, and sometimes like huge haters. Then they cover some of the trades that didn't get touched on during the picks and the episode goes off the rails.
  • Backboard of the Rings TV Pitch

    Join Bard Lee, Shellin, and Beorn on a conceptual episode of Backboard of the Rings. With the announcement of the Drive to Survive style Netflix show, the gang picks which players they would like to see on the show. They run through nominations and then make a group decision with many digressions along the way, including actual on the court discussion of teams and players.
  • Backboard of the Rings 2023/2024 Early Season Talk

    Bard Lee and Beorn run a 2-man game with Shellin Out (Rest). They briefly talk about the scrapped season preview ep, discuss 5 NBA Characters who feel good so far and 5 who don't, and then share their preseason picks. Bard Lee also drops an insane and crazy take only a degenerate could think of.
  • 5. Road to Rings 2023 Follow-up

    Bard Lee and Shellin talk about their experiences at Con of the Rings 2023. They talk about the Lotr LCG games they played, some of the decks and individual moments in the quests they played, and discuss thoughts on the quests too. Not to be forgotten, there's lots of recapping of the weekend's shenanigans. Thanks to everyone who came up and talked to us!
  • 4. Road to Rings 2023

    The Long and Dark Road that leads to your podcast feed will never disappear. Bard Lee and Shellin return for the 2023 edition of Road to Rings and discuss some strategy related to general Con of the Rings goings, the two featured cycles, and talk about what decks they plan to have at the convention. Fans of the show come and request a game with us!
  • 1. Ranking of Quest Mechanics Ep 1

    Join Bard Lee and Shellin for the Sequel to Ranking of Story, Ranking of Quests by Mechanics but not including theme, story, nor integration of theme or story into mechanics of the quest OR ROQBMBNTSNIOTOSIMOTQ.