Corporate Unplugged


Ulf Stenerhag

Season 2, Ep. 13

If, like us, you are captivated by the inspiring actions of a select few individuals who are devoted to save the planet, then you want to listen to this podcast with Ulf Stenerhag, the Swedish entrepreneur who doesn’t believe passion is driving him in his quest to bring about change for the future generations, but a sense of compassion and responsibility.

Because that is the kind of man Ulf is: understated, not a self publicist. In fact, for his latest venture, Wayout, they haven’t actually launched it yet publicly, because they’re too busy just getting on with, well, getting on with it. His company hopes to empower people by way of job opportunities, resolve issues of scarcity of water, and reducing or eliminating plastic consumption.

“We are, let's say hard, hard working people, working more on deploying, rather than to shout about it. And there is also a reason for that, we want to make sure that everything works out fine before we go very, very public.”

But Ulf shouldn’t fear failure. This is a guy who is the CEO of Thurne Teknik, a Nordic Tech Trade company with many years of experience in leading international and industrial sales organisation. A man who has built up significant experience creating value-based corporate cultures in challenging global business environments. The founder of Not For Sale Ale, a company built for social impact and a beer where 100% of profits is invested in the fight against modern slavery. No, Ulf is a one man war on creating change, and his ‘just get on with it’ attitude is inspirational. 

“If you want to do important things in this life, first start, then continue.”

In this podcast:

  • Why a lack of courage stymies activity
  • Why people separate their agenda in their professional life from their personal life
  • What we can learn from the world’s smallest petrol station
  • How to build company culture
  • Why the most important thing for companies is to figure out their purpose
  • The importance of letting employees explore their own personal values
  • Why the world needs leadership, hope and bravery most right now
  • If you want to do important things in this life, first start, then continue. 


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