Corporate Unplugged


Tim Leberecht

Season 2, Ep. 32

“In the wake of this pandemic, it's this impossible stretch between on the one hand restoring normalcy and making sure that the operations continue, and at the same time thinking ahead, looking forward and really adjusting to the new reality that we're going to experience in the wake of this crisis.”

And what will this new reality look like for you? A more beautiful business that allows more human-centred growth strategies? Then Tim Leberecht, the German-American championing a more humanised future in the age of machines is the passionate voice you should listen to. 

“We're moving from the binary world in a binary way of running business to a non binary way of running business that is fluid, that is ambiguous, that is fuzzy.”

Tim is an author and entrepreneur and the co-founder and co-CEO of The Business Romantic Society, a firm that helps organisations and individuals create transformative visions, stories and experiences. 

He's also the co-founder and co-curator of the House of Beautiful Business, a global think tank and a community for leaders and changemakers with a mission to humanise business in the age of machines. 

In this podcast:

  • The cracks in Silicon Valley
  • Humanisation of business
  • The Book of Beautiful Business
  • Tim’s definition of a leader
  • The potential of not knowing the answers 
  • Why companies need to be ambidextrous


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