Corporate Unplugged


Sahar Hashemi

Season 2, Ep. 3

Sahar Hashemi is a keynote speaker, author, entrepreneur, and powerful authority on innovation. She is the co-founder of Coffee Republic, the first UK coffee bar chain, and she created Skinny Candy, the guilt-free confectionery brand. Today Sahar talks about her new book “Startup Forever,” abandoning institutionalized corporate culture, bringing 100% of yourself to your work, transformational points in her life, a company’s purpose, how bureaucracy is holding companies back, and daring as a leader.

On today’s podcast:

  • Sahar’s new book “Startup Forever”
  • Abandoning institutionalized corporate culture
  • Bringing 100% of yourself to your work
  • Transformational points in Sahar’s life
  • A company’s purpose
  • Bureaucracy is holding companies back
  • Daring as a leader


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