Corporate Unplugged


Robin Farmanfarmaian

Season 2, Ep. 17

What would you do if you were misdiagnosed with an autoimmune disease as a teenager, subsequently spending 10 years undergoing major surgeries, having 3 organs removed and over 40 hospitalisations, and then once in remission find yourself sabotaged, sexually abused and harassed early in your career in Silicon Valley? 

Some people might shy away from the spotlight after all this, but Robin Farmanfarmaian is not most people. Far from it. 

Robin is a professional speaker, entrepreneur and angel investor working with cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence software, device and pharma companies poised to impact 100 million patients. She’s currently the CEO and co-founder of ArO, a dynamic vision correction company. 

In her role as keynote speaker she covers multiple topics and has written and published two books - “The Patient as CEO: How Technology Empowers the Healthcare Consumer” and "The Thought Leader Formula: Strategically Leverage Your Expertise to Drive Business & Career Goals".

Why has she chosen to target diseases that affect over 100 million people? Because Robin is a giver, and she believes in paying it back by paying it forward. 

“Diseases or disorders like sleep apnea, cancer, autoimmune disease, infectious disease, and things like that all have more than 100 million patients worldwide. So I picked that number because it really tackles the biggest problems in healthcare in terms of which diseases are the most prevalent.”

Listen to this incredibly giving, inspirational woman share how she overcame personal and professional adversities to create the life and career that she has today. Learn about the exciting, cutting edge medical companies Robin is involved with, as well as her advice for companies on how to keep employees engaged and why businesses need to invest in their people. 

In this podcast:

  • The raison d’etre for Robin’s life mission
  • How medical technologies have already changed healthcare
  • Why happy employees make happy customers
  • Invest in your employees
  • Businesses need to focus on innovation and incorporate the latest technology
  • Why you need to start your thought leadership journey while you’re still in high school
  • The four things the world needs most right now


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