Corporate Unplugged


Roberto Verganti

Season 2, Ep. 21

When Roberto Verganti first appeared on Corporate Unplugged, his episode quickly became one of the most listened to interviews on the show. Two years on, Roberto, Professor of Leadership and Innovation at Politecnico di Milano, currently founder and Director of The Garden-Center for Design and Leadership at Stockholm School of Economics, joins Vesna for another illuminating conversation, this time about meaning, purpose, innovation and real leadership. 

Why a reappearance? 

Because the subjects Roberto has been researching and writing about for the last couple of decades are more interesting and relevant today than ever before, and his ideas, insights and work need to be shared with an even wider audience. 

If companies and leaders want to make an impact, they need to provide meaning to their customers through their products and services. Companies should be thinking: ‘If they don't need what we do, it's our problem. It's not their problem.’ And the best leaders are the ones who have learned to say: ‘I don’t know, but I'm curious to know, and now we discover together’.

If you missed Roberto’s first episode where he talks about why less is more, how to navigate in a world full of opportunities and why we need to understand social sustainability, do listen to it (link below). 

In this podcast:

  • Why it’s human nature to find meaning
  • The importance of having a purpose
  • How to innovate your product
  • The power for leaders of saying ‘I don’t know’
  • Why fear prevents learning and kills curiosity
  • The KPIs through which you measure purpose and meaning


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