Corporate Unplugged


Riccarda Zezza

Season 2, Ep. 11

In this podcast:

  • Changing cultural perceptions of parenthood and work
  • Designing a learning experience around parenthood 
  • Riccarda’s dream for Ma’am is that they become useless with no more clients
  • Why Riccarda is passionate about making sense and maintaining consistency
  • What makes a business work today is what will hinder its growth in the future
  • Why the current thinking on retirement needs to be re-examined
  • The link between power and responsibility
  • Why the world really needs more care at this time


What if businesses looked at parenthood as a training model and were empowered to do good in the world with an ethics-first approach? Learn how Riccarda Zezza, founder of MAAM, is aiming to do just that. Based in Milano, Italy, MAAM is the world's first and only digital training program turning parenthood into a masters in key skills for business.

MAAM delivers a powerful digital and life-based program that builds employees’ soft skills by up to 35% in a very engaging and rewarding way, in order to boost employee motivation and company productivity.

MAAM’s goal is to transform life experiences into business skills and shape a world of work where everyone can fulfill their potential. To date, MAAM has been used by over 40 Italian and international organizations to train over 4,500 participants.

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