Corporate Unplugged


Nivi Sharma

Season 2, Ep. 9

Nivi Sharma is COO of BRCK, a company connecting Africa to the internet. BRCK is at the cutting edge of frontier market technology needs for connectivity, whether that’s for people or things.

Nivi is involved because she has dedicated her career to creating digital access for children, youth, and adults. 

Nivi is passionate about the potential impact the internet can have on the economic and social development for the 800 million Africans who are currently not connected, although they all have devices designed for a digital world.

In 2011, Nivi co-founded eLimu, the first company to digitize the Kenyan Primary School curriculum for revision and literacy. Nivi’s other passion is creating children’s playgrounds and enabling connectivity in an analogue way. 

In this podcast:

  • Why Nivi is passionate about connectivity
  • Nivi’s dreams for BRCK and overcoming barriers to connectivity
  • Why we need to connect in a more meaningful way
  • The transformational points in Nivi’s life that have influenced her so far
  • Why Nivi wants to make the idea of public spaces different
  • Why leaders need to listen with an open heart and with empathy
  • The importance of listening to yourself 
  • Why companies should be focusing on integrity and creating values
  • Nivi’s answer for the world is more love and empathy


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