Corporate Unplugged


Nina Siemiatkowski

Season 2, Ep. 33

Nina Siemiatkowski is the founder and CEO of Milkywire, a platform that brings people who want to improve our world closer to the people in the field who are working to protect and restore our planet. 

Milkywire is a crowdfunding platform that lets you connect with and support grassroots NGOs that fight climate change, preserve wildlife, protect and clean the oceans, and so much more. 

Every week the organisations on Milkywire share videos and photo updates so that anyone can follow their progress and learn what is being done. Milkywire is literally disrupting the charity sector, so that everyone can contribute and directly dive into action and participate.

In this podcast:

  • The genesis of Milkywire
  • How bullying and self doubt shaped Nina 
  • All roads lead to Rome
  • Live outside of your comfort zone
  • What companies need right now
  • Why leaders need to look in the mirror
  • The impact of COVID on launching Milkywire


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