Corporate Unplugged


Ma Steinsvik

Season 2, Ep. 27

Ma Steinsvik is passionate about emerging technologies and believes in the power of digital transformation and AI in order to scale business transformation towards a circular economy. Because an augmented circular future will lead to a better world. 

Ma is a European business leader, futurist and investor, and the CEO of Bulls Holding, an international agency for film, literary and art-based brands, influencers and editorial content, and Chair of the Board of R&B Licensing, a global 360 agency for literary and design based properties. She is an acknowledged international keynote speaker on technical leaps and their impact around the world. 

Ma discusses the foundations of business, of being a part of something big and giving back. And how even now, while the whole world is going through one of the toughest times in living memory, we still see people who, when they have their own lives secured, do what they can to contribute and give back to society. 

“When I invest in companies I'm often so struck by the generosity I receive back in the form of knowledge and network and tips and so on, because people, entrepreneurs and leaders, people of all kinds really want to give back. And if you look at it from a psychological point of view, that's when we're really happy.”

In this podcast:

  • We are hardwired to want to give 
  • The changing basis for innovation
  • The power of the internet
  • Why a crisis shows gaps in our knowledge
  • Why imbalance leads to creativity
  • How to find wisdom
  • Digital transformation
  • The formula for business - value driven, data driven and customer centric

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