Corporate Unplugged


Markus Lehto

Season 2, Ep. 30

Markus Lehto is a Utopian, an expert generalist. He’s also the co-founder of Joint Idea and Lifeworks Labs and the co-founder of the global community - Love Mafia. Born in Canada with Finnish traditions and culture, life took him on a path across the world as a professional in consulting, investment banking and real estate development. He's based in Istanbul and is pursuing entrepreneurial ventures in design and architecture, investment, community building, learning and tech development. 

In this podcast:

  • Why we need to rethink our Anglo Saxon worldview
  • Creating Lifeworks Labs
  • Why seeking his own truth is his passion
  • Becoming an expert generalist
  • Redefining what the good life means
  • What decentralisation means
  • Why we need to break in order to grow
  • Cultivating serendipity
  • Why the world needs love


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