Corporate Unplugged


Maria Cristina Papetti

Season 2, Ep. 12

If we want to change the world, instead of fighting against the system from the outside, how about taking a leaf out of Maria Cristina Papetti’s life book, and try to change the world from the inside?

“Being an activist, that is not easy, because you need a lot of energy, a lot of passion. But from the outside, always fighting all the time against something, that is easy. It’s what you can do when you are inside the system, that some would say, is more challenging.”

And Maria Cristina embodies the passionate purpose that the company she works for, exists to fulfill. Enel, a global Italian utility company believes that ‘sustainability will not develop without continuous innovation and for us innovation is meaningless unless it is oriented towards sustainability.’

Enel couldn’t have chosen a better person to be their Head of Sustainability Projects and Practice Sharing, because Maria Cristina is not just dedicated to her work - what she does is so much more than just a job, you see, Maria Cristina’s desire to change the world through sustainability and innovation is a part of who she is. 

“I'm always asking myself, even nowadays, what kind of woman you would like to be in your future… for young professionals entering this world, be curious about people, about the world, about friends, about what is all around you. This is really important, if you get that, if you make a deep dive into everything, because you need to catch and to understand what can be done.”

In this podcast:

  • How to bring about change through sustainability and innovation
  • The importance of embedding sustainability into business and creating a new culture
  • How a utility company can better the world we are living in
  • Why we all have a purpose
  • Innovation can make your business more sustainable
  • Open power
  • Why young professionals need to be curious
  • It is important that you live the life you are here to live
  • There is no Planet B


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