Corporate Unplugged


Marco Bertini

Season 2, Ep. 2

Marco Bertini is professor of marketing at ESADE Business School, Barcelona. He is a co-founder of the school’s Institute for Data-Driven Decisions, and previously served as department chair. He completed his doctoral studies at Harvard Business School and was previously on the faculty of the London Business School. Today Marco talks about the shift from selling products to selling value, why companies are generally bad at turning a competitive advantage into revenue, his passion for behavioral economics, a four-step framework for monetizing anything, and why few organizations take customer orientation all the way to its logical end.

On today’s podcast:

  • The shift from selling products to selling value
  • Companies are generally bad at pricing strategies
  • Marco’s passion for behavioral economics
  • Four-step framework for revenue strategy
  • Customer orientation is a ongoing, cyclical process
  • The slow erosion of differentiation


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