Corporate Unplugged


Kristoffer Triumf

Season 2, Ep. 20

What makes a really listenable podcast? Is it a great production value? A plethora of interesting guests? A personable host? Whatever it is, Kristoffer Triumf, host of popular Swedish podcast Värvet, has figured the podcast magic out. 

Kristoffer is a popular podcaster and host of Värvet, Sweden's favourite podcast. What makes the podcast so incredibly relatable is that he has very deep dialogues with a very diverse crowd of people - from filmmakers to artists to business leaders, Kristoffer has interviewed over 400 people so far, and counting. 

He originally set out to chat particularly with comedians, but has since broadened his horizons to a much wider audience, and he’s been richly rewarded for his diversification in guests - Värvet has had around 90 million downloads to date. 

Besides having a voice that you can’t help but be drawn to, he has also developed the art of really listening to what his guests are saying. He leaves time for them to truly reflect on his question before answering, meaning they can express what they want to express and he doesn’t interrupt them, nor does he cut them off short. In a sense, Kristoffer affords guests a sense of psychological safety, which is apparent in his dialogue with each and every person. 

Kristoffer also has a genuine interest in people - a trait that is very unusual nowadays, but something that needs to be encouraged in more people. Because with a genuine interest comes the ability to really connect with someone, and in turn allowing them space to express who they are, meaning we can learn a lot more from them. 

“I think it's always important to understand someone, to learn from people, to understand where they come from, you know, why do they do what they do?” 

In this podcast:

  • The dream that led Kristoffer to becoming a podcast host
  • What life means to Kristoffer
  • Why we all have a duty to share our talents
  • How he chooses his guests on his podcast
  • Why he thinks we need to listen more
  • What companies need to focus on
  • How not having a vision impacts all of us
  • What the world needs most right now

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