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Jan Broman

Season 2, Ep. 14

Jan Broman, along with his brother, founded Fotografiska as a meeting place to inspire a more conscious world, using photography - portrait, fashion, nature and documentary photography, for example, to initiate conversations. Not just conversations about the here and now, but what the photos represent and the world around us. 

The renovated former Customs House, built in 1906 in the heart of Stockholm, is home to Fotografiska, now considered one of Scandinavia’s most important and powerful artistic magnets. 

Since opening almost ten years ago, Fotografiska has hosted some of the biggest names in photography from Annie Leibovitz to Gus Van Sant to Martin Parr. But Fotografiska is anything but a regular museum or art gallery. At its core it is a dedicated hub of human interaction, a creative space that nurtures thoughts and discussion and encourages the exchanging of ideas. 

As Jan says, “What we have become is more like a place where conversation can take place. And it can be inspired by what we do in the exhibition spaces, but it could also be inspired by what we do with the food, and helping people to get a bit more conscious.”

Because Fotografiska’s vision is to inspire a more conscious world, Jan and his brother are keen to share their values of inspiration, inclusion, innovation, sustainability and relevance not just with their partners, but with the people who come to meet there. To make its accessibility even greater and to make more impactful places for photography around the world, Fotografiska is very soon expanding to New York, and London not long after that.

“We see people meeting, meeting their friends, meeting family and loved ones. All kinds of meetings take place here. Fotografiska is more and more becoming a familiar sort of a place for conversations.”

In this podcast:

  • The importance of creating a space for meeting and talking
  • The value of talking
  • Why Fotografiska isn’t just relevant in Sweden, but around the world
  • How to be more conscious
  • How photography can raise awareness of global issues
  • The benefits of getting older   
  • If you run a company you have to be able to fight and change
  • Why the world needs more empathy right now


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