Corporate Unplugged


Harish Hande

Season 2, Ep. 10

Harish Hande is founder and chairman of Selco Foundation, a social enterprise seeking to inspire and implement socially, financially and environmentally inclusive solutions, by improving access to sustainable energy. 

Selco have made under-served communities the central focus of their thoughts, words and actions. Harish has a doctorate in energy engineering from the University of Massachusetts and he serves on the boards of many organisations, both national and international.

In this podcast:

  • What Selco is and who it’s serving
  • The impact Selco has in India and what they hope to do
  • How Harish defines his passion for leveling the playing field of opportunity for the poor, no matter where people come from
  • What social enterprise is, and what it should be
  • Why Harish would like to innovate the education system
  • Why Harish hopes to see Selco kill itself


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