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Coronavirus in Florida

Tampa Bay restaurants brace for an uncertain summer

Ep. 22

On the latest episode of the podcast, host Allison Graves talks with Tampa Bay Times food critic Helen Freund about the current state of the restaurant industry in Tampa Bay — one month after reopening.

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  • 8. Your Scrapbook: Readers share tales of pandemic life

    Times’ readers take over this episode to share how five months of quarantine have changed life in Tampa Bay in both extraordinary and very ordinary ways. Share your own stories with us at, and we’ll add them to our Scrapbook.
  • 7. Can Florida’s theme parks survive a pandemic?

    Die-hard fans have returned to Florida’s theme parks, but coronavirus has dealt a crushing blow to this pillar of our state’s economy. Reporter Sharon Wynne takes us inside Disney, Universal and Busch Gardens’ plans to survive the pandemic.
  • 6. How will schools protect kids from coronavirus?

    It’s back-to-school time already! Teachers in Pinellas County and statewide are trying to block in-person classes. Plus, Times education reporters share what’s known and what questions remain about how Tampa Bay schools plan to keep kids safe this fall.
  • 5. No symptoms? Consider holding off on a coronavirus test

    Laboratories are struggling to keep pace as demand for coronavirus testing grows. Reporter Margo Snipe shares a first-hand look at getting tested, while a Tampa Bay lab director explains testing lingo and might make you reconsider taking that test.
  • 4. How homeless shelters cope with COVID-19

    Shelter-in-place means staying home for most of us, but what if you don’t have a home? Host Austin Fast visits two Pinellas County homeless shelters to see how they’re fighting homelessness amidst the pandemic.
  • 3. Our evolving knowledge of COVID-19

    Exactly four months ago, we launched Coronavirus in Florida. What do we now know about COVID-19’s symptoms, transmission and long-term effects that we didn’t know in March? Reporter Allison Ross interviews experts to see what's changed.
  • 2. Mythbusters: COVID-19 edition

    Florida’s making national headlines as spikes in COVID-19 cases broke records almost every day last week. Are protests to blame? Does more testing equal more cases? We spoke with epidemiologists to bust the myths around Florida’s recent coronavirus surge.
  • 1. Tampa Bay celebrates LGBTQ Pride without parades

    Everything is canceled in 2020, including LGBTQ Pride parades. St. Petersburg Pride is Florida’s largest, with 260,000 attendees throughout the weekend in 2019. Here’s how parade organizers and business owners are showing pride from a safe social distance.