Coronavirus: The Whole Story


What does Europe & the EU mean in a COVID world?

Ep. 23

This week’s episode is all about Brexit - what could have been the greatest challenge the UK had faced in several decades if it didn’t have to compete with a global pandemic. 

Join host Vivienne Parry as she speaks to UCL experts in law, maths and the social and historical sciences to help us understand how Brexit and coronavirus have impacted each other - and what the next few months could look like as both issues intensify towards the end of the year.

Our guests this week:

- Dr Uta Staiger (Executive Director of the EI and UCL’s Pro-Vice-Provost for Europe)

- Prof Piet Eeckhout (Dean of Laws and EU expert)

- Prof Christina Pagel (Professor of Operational Research, Department of Mathematics)

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