Coronavirus: The Whole Story


Is public transport safe?

Ep. 38

This week, we're investigating public transport. Now, in the first lockdown, many of us were able to batten down the hatches and stay indoors. But, as lockdown 3.0 continues, it's important that we stay informed about the best precautions to take if and when we do need to leave the house. And, one happy day, we're going to have to return to public transport en masse. So, in this episode, we find out if it's safe to travel, how to protect ourselves when traveling, and hear more from our experts about what we need to know when making longer journeys. 

Our guests this week:

  • Sarah Beale (PhD researcher part of the Virus Watch Study team)
  • Dr Paul McGovern (Transport for London Consultant Occupational Physician & Honorary Senior Teaching Fellow and Education Consultant at the UCL Medical School)
  • Dr Richard Peters (National Rail Chief Medical Officer & Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer)


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