Coronavirus: The Whole Story


How is the pandemic affecting pregnancies & new parents?

Ep. 29

This week’s episode is the second in a two-part special about how Coronavirus is affecting women. Last week we heard from two researchers whose recent findings demonstrate the wide-reaching impacts of coronavirus on women, especially ethnic minority women ( This week, we speak to three researchers who have spent lockdown investigating how coronavirus has affected fertility, pregnancy and parenting.

Join our host, Vivienne Parry OBE, as she speaks with our UCL experts:

- Dr Zeynep Gurtin, Lecturer in Women’s Health at the Institute for Women’s Health

- Dr Jenny Hall, Clinical Associate Professor and NIHR Advanced fellow at the UCL Institute for Women’s Health

- Prof Mary Fewtrell, Professor of Paediatric Nutrition at the UCL GOS Institute of Child Health

Are you a new mum? Share your voice with the Covid-19 New Mum Study:

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