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Wave Of Car Thefts

PJ talks to callers about the wave of car thefts in Cork over the last fortnight many of which end up being bragged about on TikTok by the thieves. He also talks to Paul who has security tips!

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  • 2024-06-17 Justice for my brother, Another dog attack in Cork, Richie's Food & Nature & more

    Justice for Adrian - Alan Moynihan wants a new inquest into the death of his brother 23 years ago...Another XL Bully incident - this time in MitchelstownTalking fish & chips - and maybe a curry - with social media star Richie & lots more
  • Fennell's Bay Fights

    Cllr. Audrey Buckley talks to PJ about a shocking incident that took place in Fennells Bay, where a number of fights broke out
  • The Joy Of Fostering

    PJ hears from Quentin about how fostering has made his family complete. If you would like to foster you can find information here 
  • Social Media Detox Is Vital

    Dr Audrey Galvin speaks to PJ about her call for young journalists & people to dip out of social media 
  • Justice For My Brother

    Alan Moynihan  brother of  Adrian tells PJ that his family want his inquest revisited after Stardust verdict
  • Bone Marrow Donation Saved My Life

    Kevin tells PJ he was given a 10% chance of surviving  Leukaemia but a bone marrow donor on the registry was a match which saved his life If you would like to know more      
  • Richie’s Food & Nature

    Richie joins PJ to chat about  his food reviews & how people are lapping them up as his numbers are rising on social media
  • 2024-06-14 Pope Francis Gay Slur, Best friends for ever, Kabin Crew conquer the world & more

    Pope Francis accused of using a homophobic slur again- shouldn’t people in authority be careful with their words.... How long have you been friends - in an era of loneliness what can we learn.. Cork's Kabin Krew soar even higher with their viral hit The Spark, it's now been played in an Australian Stadium & lots more 
  • Cork’s Kabin Crew Conquer The World

    GMC & Martin a member of the Kabin Crew tell PJ about their upcoming concerts & how their track has been played as far away as Australia