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PODCAST EXTRA - Are We All Resilient?

We need mental resilience and we all have it but harnessing it can be tricky. Lisa Nolan, Aslan Coaching, tells PJ Coogan that three pillars are key...

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  • 2024-06-14 Pope Francis Gay Slur, Best friends for ever, Kabin Crew conquer the world & more

    Pope Francis accused of using a homophobic slur again- shouldn’t people in authority be careful with their words.... How long have you been friends - in an era of loneliness what can we learn.. Cork's Kabin Krew soar even higher with their viral hit The Spark, it's now been played in an Australian Stadium & lots more 
  • Cork’s Kabin Crew Conquer The World

    GMC & Martin a member of the Kabin Crew tell PJ about their upcoming concerts & how their track has been played as far away as Australia 
  • From Silicon to Seedlings

    PJ hears from Conor McCauley about how a work placement in Silicon Valley California lead to him setting up an organic farm in Midleton
  • Pope Francis Gay Slur

    Amanullah De Sondy Head of Religions UCC tells PJ people in authority need to be careful with language
  • Is It Small Man Syndrome Owning An XL Bully?

    Rachel chats to Pj about her experiences of the dogs & why she agrees with the ban
  • Cork’s Newest Rose

    Shauna O’Sullivan chats to PJ about being crowned this year's Cork Rose, having been picked from 23 young women.
  • Best Friends For Ever

    PJ chats to listeners about the friendships they have made and some of the issues that have affected them 
  • 2024-06-13 Will pilots go on strike, Another sneaky tax, Aslan are back & more

    Aer Lingus pilots are threatening to strike - will it go ahead and will it mess up your holidays...There’s yet another tax coming on your electric bill - just as prices were starting to go down again..Remembering Christy Dignam as Aslan perepare to headline Corks "Joy in The Park" & lots more
  • You’re Not Irish By Blood

    Dr. Lekha Menon Margassery chats to PJ about the her experiences while campaigning for a seat on Cork City Council