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Mammies' Myths & Little White Lies

PJ talks to callers about myths spread by mammies and also little white lies they tell to keep kids in tow!

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  • 2023-06-07 Teddy Mac. Remembering an icon who's sudden passing has shocked us all

    The great Teddy Mac - 1990 Captains Larry Tompkins & Tomas Mulcahy recall their teammate & friend..Tributes and memories flood in as Cork is stunned by the passing of a unique & beloved lonely prison walls - neighbours around Cork prison are not impressed & lots more
  • The Late Teddy Mac

    PJ talks to Larry Tompkins, Tomás Mulcahy, Finny Mac and takes calls with listeners as we remember a sporting legend. 
  • Prison "Drugs Wall" Will Blight Our Lives

    PJ talks to Susan and Claire who live near the prison and say that the new giant wall going up is far too ugly. Cllr Ted Tynan also explains the wall looks like it is going to be different to what was described in meetings.
  • Flake-gate Not Hitting Cork Cone Sales

    People not happy with the new Flakes but they still love a nice cone in this hot weather, PJ hears from Angela from Angela's Fountainstown and from Keri from Fitzpatrick's. 
  • Sarah Slattery's Travel Tips & Scam Busters

    PJ gets some tips to make travel easier and to avoid getting fleeced from Sarah Slattery of 
  • Raising Smoking Age to 21 Would Lead To Other Bans

    Raising the smoking age to 21 would be a step too far Ella Whelan tells PJ. 
  • Organized Crime In Cork Hit By Operation Global Chain

    PJ talks to Joe O'Shea from Cork Beo about the organized crime scene in Cork, how women are often the victims and Operation Global Chain
  • 2023-06-06 John's life changing marathon, Why are firefighters threatening strike, from Toronto to Bells Field & more

    Where did you train for the Cork City Marathon? John started while he was in jail.. Just how understaffed is the fire service - put it this way, they’re hoping it doesn’t get any busier out there.. From New York and Toronto to Bells Field with not a young offender to be seen & lots more
  • Let's Have A Proper Register For Alternative Therapies

    Anne studied alternative therapies herself but says there are some people out there who should only be practicing on friends and family if even that. She wants better regulations