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I Loved Cork So Much I Tried The Godfather Breakfast & Hung Out With Astronauts!

PJ talks to Tara Foster from Australia who says Cork is both friendly but cool and cutting edge as well. Echo!

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  • 2024-06-20 Stranded in Palma, missing in Tenerife, the great smelly ripoff & more

    Stranded in Palma - furious passengers call us when they can’t get answers from Aer Lingus...Missing in Tenerife - fears are mounting for a 19 year old lost in the mountains.. Pay up, or be smelly - the ripoff price of deodorant & lots more 
  • I Was Stalked

    PJ hears from Sarah who was afraid to leave her house after being stalked by a man she had a short-term relationship with
  • Kids Summer Holiday Fear

    Aoife Griffin ISPCC Childline tells PJ that the summer holidays are a time of huge anxiety for kids with a troubled home life. 
  • Aer Lingus Stranded Us In Palma

    Damien, Lauren, Laura & Sean chat to PJ after 100-150 people were left at an airport in Palma. No food…No hotel…No flight back!
  • The Cost Of Smelling Good

    PJ hears from Declan about how expensive deodorant has become, it's unfair dual pricing
  • Too Much Planning Red Tape

    Bobby tells PJ he is moving to Tipperary because he can’t get planning to refurbished his cottage in East Cork
  • 2024-06-19 Holiday chaos looms, Social Media is a nasty place, A Green Lord Mayor & more

    As pilots threaten holiday chaos, down at Abtran they’re trying to get their workplace unionised...Nastiness on social media - go and get a job, says Kerry TD Michael Healy Rae...Cork will have its first ever Green Lord Mayor this weekend & lots more
  • Travel Chaos Looms

    Pat Dawson Former ITAA CEO chats to PJ following Aer Lingus pilots calling a work to rule & refusing to work overtime 
  • They Used An Image Of My Deceased Mother

    Deputy Michael Healy Rea talks To PJ about the social media attacks he and his family suffered during the local elections