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He's From Blarney She's From Puerto Rico A Hurling Match Brought Them Together

PJ talks to Brendan who met his wife when she was here just a few days and was curious about hurling. Now they all live in Providence, Rhode Island. PJ asks what is better and what he misses. 

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  • 2024-06-14 Pope Francis Gay Slur, Best friends for ever, Kabin Crew conquer the world & more

    Pope Francis accused of using a homophobic slur again- shouldn’t people in authority be careful with their words.... How long have you been friends - in an era of loneliness what can we learn.. Cork's Kabin Krew soar even higher with their viral hit The Spark, it's now been played in an Australian Stadium & lots more 
  • Cork’s Kabin Crew Conquer The World

    GMC & Martin a member of the Kabin Crew tell PJ about their upcoming concerts & how their track has been played as far away as Australia 
  • From Silicon to Seedlings

    PJ hears from Conor McCauley about how a work placement in Silicon Valley California lead to him setting up an organic farm in Midleton
  • Pope Francis Gay Slur

    Amanullah De Sondy Head of Religions UCC tells PJ people in authority need to be careful with language
  • Is It Small Man Syndrome Owning An XL Bully?

    Rachel chats to Pj about her experiences of the dogs & why she agrees with the ban
  • Cork’s Newest Rose

    Shauna O’Sullivan chats to PJ about being crowned this year's Cork Rose, having been picked from 23 young women.
  • Best Friends For Ever

    PJ chats to listeners about the friendships they have made and some of the issues that have affected them 
  • 2024-06-13 Will pilots go on strike, Another sneaky tax, Aslan are back & more

    Aer Lingus pilots are threatening to strike - will it go ahead and will it mess up your holidays...There’s yet another tax coming on your electric bill - just as prices were starting to go down again..Remembering Christy Dignam as Aslan perepare to headline Corks "Joy in The Park" & lots more
  • You’re Not Irish By Blood

    Dr. Lekha Menon Margassery chats to PJ about the her experiences while campaigning for a seat on Cork City Council