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After 7 Deaths On This Road, We Have Had Enough.

Grainne Kilcully / Ballincrokig Residents Association & resident Charlie tells PJ they have had enough deaths on their road & are fighting to stop any more

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  • Mum With Dementia Drank Brown Water

    Thomas Gould TD tells PJ how the continuing issues with the city drinking water supply are putting vulnerable people at risk 
  • ‘This Is Not Justice’

    PJ hears from listeners following the suspended sentence handed down to a soldier who boasted on social media after beating a woman up  
  • All Aboard An Alternative Wedding

    Argie tells PJ he and his now wife Virginie got married during a private cruise of Cork harbour
  • Hellish Heat In Crete

    PJ hears from John about the heat in Crete. It was so bad he didn’t leave his room for ten days & Martin who says leave your clothes behind.
  • 2024-06-20 Stranded in Palma, missing in Tenerife, the great smelly ripoff & more

    Stranded in Palma - furious passengers call us when they can’t get answers from Aer Lingus...Missing in Tenerife - fears are mounting for a 19 year old lost in the mountains.. Pay up, or be smelly - the ripoff price of deodorant & lots more 
  • I Was Stalked

    PJ hears from Sarah who was afraid to leave her house after being stalked by a man she had a short-term relationship with
  • Kids Summer Holiday Fear

    Aoife Griffin ISPCC Childline tells PJ that the summer holidays are a time of huge anxiety for kids with a troubled home life. 
  • Aer Lingus Stranded Us In Palma

    Damien, Lauren, Laura & Sean chat to PJ after 100-150 people were left at an airport in Palma. No food…No hotel…No flight back!
  • The Cost Of Smelling Good

    PJ hears from Declan about how expensive deodorant has become, it's unfair dual pricing