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2023-09-25 Childcare in crisis, Assisted dying, A norrie in Hells Kitchen & more

Childcare in crisis - what are parents to do as preschools close this week...Assisted Dying - Garrets wife Vicky died last April in her native Belgium - he tells me their story..Meet the Norrie who’s about to enter Hells Kitchen & lots more

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  • 2024-06-17 Justice for my brother, Another dog attack in Cork, Richie's Food & Nature & more

    Justice for Adrian - Alan Moynihan wants a new inquest into the death of his brother 23 years ago...Another XL Bully incident - this time in MitchelstownTalking fish & chips - and maybe a curry - with social media star Richie & lots more
  • Fennell's Bay Fights

    Cllr. Audrey Buckley talks to PJ about a shocking incident that took place in Fennells Bay, where a number of fights broke out
  • The Joy Of Fostering

    PJ hears from Quentin about how fostering has made his family complete. If you would like to foster you can find information here 
  • Social Media Detox Is Vital

    Dr Audrey Galvin speaks to PJ about her call for young journalists & people to dip out of social media 
  • Justice For My Brother

    Alan Moynihan  brother of  Adrian tells PJ that his family want his inquest revisited after Stardust verdict
  • Bone Marrow Donation Saved My Life

    Kevin tells PJ he was given a 10% chance of surviving  Leukaemia but a bone marrow donor on the registry was a match which saved his life If you would like to know more      
  • Richie’s Food & Nature

    Richie joins PJ to chat about  his food reviews & how people are lapping them up as his numbers are rising on social media
  • 2024-06-14 Pope Francis Gay Slur, Best friends for ever, Kabin Crew conquer the world & more

    Pope Francis accused of using a homophobic slur again- shouldn’t people in authority be careful with their words.... How long have you been friends - in an era of loneliness what can we learn.. Cork's Kabin Krew soar even higher with their viral hit The Spark, it's now been played in an Australian Stadium & lots more 
  • Cork’s Kabin Crew Conquer The World

    GMC & Martin a member of the Kabin Crew tell PJ about their upcoming concerts & how their track has been played as far away as Australia