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Episode 74: Building Interpersonal Skills to Make Better Deals, with Steve Herz

Ep. 74

Steven Herz is a great example of the power of personal change. He’s leveraged his own unique communication gifts and interpersonal skills and deal-making to build a small start-up company into an industry powerhouse, where part of what he does is to coach and motivate others to help them become the absolute best version of themselves. His clientele includes television and radio personalities, CEO’s, lawyers, entrepreneurs, and young professionals.

Join Steven and I on the DealQuest Podcast, where we discuss how to use interpersonal communication skills to enhance your negotiation ability and deal-making.

  • Negotiating Deals with television and radio stations and networks
  • Other Key Deal Terms - Thinking Beyond Salary
  • The Power of Personal Change
  • Interpersonal Communication Skills
  • And more!

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