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Episode 68: Key Decisions During Challenging Times, with Corey Kupfer

Ep. 68

In this week’s episode, I break down the key decisions that we all need to make in these challenging times. The insights I offer on this topic come out of my own experience in dealing with challenging times in the past. For instance, coming through previous recessions, Superstorm Sandy and other events like that.

How are you responding to these challenging times?

 In this week’s podcast, tune in with host Corey Kupfer to learn more about:

  • Leadership Opportunities in Challenging Times
  • The Power of Positive Entrepreneurs
  • Standing Strong
  • Look for Ways to Serve
  • Let’s Talk Deals
  • Long Term Relationships
  • Opportunity and Challenges

Plus, get a few tips on how to make deals during challenging times without taking advantage of another person’s struggle.

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