DealQuest Podcast with Corey Kupfer

Why do some companies grow by leaps and bounds while others only inch forward? Simple. They embrace Deal-Driven Growth in addition to organic growth! 

DealQuest is where you learn how to strategize, prepare for, find, and complete deals to grow your company faster.

Listen in as host Corey Kupfer takes you behind the scenes with some of the world’s most fascinating deal-savvy business leaders. This is the one place where they can share openly the secret to deals they have done (or failed to do) and the issues, opportunities, benefits, pitfalls and lessons learned.

Here you learn first-hand all about:

  • Powerful deals that require little capital 
  • Mergers, acquisitions, and tuck-ins
  • Joint ventures, partnerships, and strategic alliances
  • Licensing, raising capital and onboarding key employees
  • Negotiating, structuring, finding, valuing, closing and integrating deals

Don’t be the one at the table who doesn’t grasp the power of Deal-Driven Growth!

Corey Kupfer

Corey founded DealQuest to provide courses, retreats, masterminds and content to support entrepreneurs, high-level executives and business leaders to achieve their visions and goals through deal-driven growth. He also hosts the DealQuest weekly podcast featuring conversations with those entrepreneurs, high-level executives and business leaders, and the experts and professionals who serve them, in which they share their journeys and behind-the-scenes successes, failure and lessons to help listeners learn, gain the confidence to pursue and take action on their own deal-driven growth.