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CORE 339: The Reality, Virtually Speaking

PSVR2 has a price and a release date, and we have thoughts. Sony also lost people but gained revenue. Capitalizing on your awesome characters and worlds. We played Overwatch 2, Marvel Snap, Red Dead 2, Despots Game, Void Scappers, Huntdown, Zomboid, 7 Days to Die, SIGNALIS, Curse of the Dead Gods, Return of the Obra Dinn, and Saints and Sinners VR. Plus texts, emails, and MORE!

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  • CORE 393: Suck is Forever

    Welcome to CORE, where we could do the Konami Code in our sleep. Scott Johnson, Beau Schwartz, and Jon Jagger here. Playing a clip about microtransactions from an ex-Blizz guy sets the tone. The main topic is yet to be revealed, but our week in gaming features an abundance of World of Warcraft, with Scott hitting new levels and Jon exploring new features. Scott enjoys Lil Gator Game and Wildfrost on Steam, while Jon dives into Super Mario RPG on Switch and Death Must Die. Beau covers Assassin's Creed Nexus VR, The Expanse, Sun Wukong in Ravenswatch, and Starcraft 2. The break teases news like Valve's Half-Life retrospective and Walking Dead Destinies hitting Xbox bestsellers. Space Marine 2 is delayed, and Eminem is coming to Fortnite. Core-respondence includes an email confirming Beau's insight and a text about scary games, mentioning Martian Gothic.
  • CORE 392: An Honor Just To Be Dominated

    The Steam Deck 2.0 is a hot topic today. The main discussion revolves around Game Awards nominations like Alan Wake 2, Baldur's Gate 3, Spiderman 2, Resident Evil 4, Super Mario Wonder, and Tears of The Kingdom. Our gaming week features WoW discussions, including a creative solution for Jon's night-time gaming issue. Scott delves into Diablo IV and Backpack Hero on Steam, while Jon shares WWE 2K23 highlights and a Nintendo Switch mystery game. Beau recaps a hardcore WoW Saturday and achievements in Diablo 4 and Like a Dragon Gaiden. Also there's news on Greg and Scott's Word on the Street debut, Baldur's Gate 3's physical edition, Dungeon Keeper 1's KeeperFX mod release after 15 years, Darktide's update, and Samwise Didier's retirement. A call about Inkbound's removal of micro-transactions and more!
  • CORE 391: Back on The Meat Wagon

    Greg Street doing something exciting! We spill some beans. How were our BlizzCon predictions? We find out. World of Warcraft: Dragonflight and Classic, Diablo IV, and Robocop. Scott high lights the indie game Ooblets. Jon shares experiences with Final Fantasy XIV, Fortnite, Powerwash Simulator, and previews Free-Per View 3 in FROG Wrestling. Beau talks about hardcore WoW, "For the King 2," and other games. "Dear Martha: Steam Reviews" segment, featuring a steamy review for Milfy City - Final Edition. Other news includes GTA VI's announcement, Nintendo's live-action Zelda movie, Valve's privacy update, and SteamDeck's OLED release. Texts and a call!
  • Blizzcon 2023 Opener with the CORE crew

    Blizzcon 2023 Opener with the CORE crew
  • CORE 390: RoboCon

    BlizzCon 2023 predictions, including topics like WoW, Overwatch, Diablo IV, and potential new releases. This week's games, like Phasmophobia and RoboCop: Rogue City. Greg Street's new studio, Bungie layoffs and delays, Microsoft's ban on third-party controllers, and more. Emails and more!
  • CORE 389: Wake Me Up, Alan.

    The episode opens with a teaser about "ghostbeef" and the unveiling of Lilith statue names. The controversy surrounding "Cities: Skylines 2," as it's receiving mixed reviews due to its work-in-progress nature. The hosts discuss the merits of early reviews versus player feedback. In the "Our Week in Gaming" segment, titles like "Return of the Obra Dinn," "Marvel's Spider-Man 2," and "Diablo 4 S2 Season of Blood." The episode also mentions other news topics, such as the release of "Alan Wake 2," the status of "Squardon 42," and updates in "Heroes of the Storm." Additionally, there's news about "Final Fantasy XIV Fan Fest London," a Marvel-Hasbro partnership for MTG cards, Twitch's rule changes, and more. Voice mails and more!
  • CORE 388: Spiderphant

    So which do we nab this week? "Super Mario Wonder" or "Spider-man 2"? We delve into the Microsoft ABK merger news. They highlight key points, including Kot-Dick's departure, Phil's plans for old IPs, and the delay of ABK games on GamePass. The hosts also share their recent gaming experiences, covering titles like CyberPunk 2077, Forgive Me Father 2, and Diablo IV. The episode includes a "Dear Martha Gameshow" segment and a listener's email about a new genre of multitasking games. Additionally, there's a heated discussion about Tim Hortons coffee. For reasons.
  • CORE 387: Tide Fresh

    Game developers will be required to use two-factor authentication to update games on Steam starting October 24, 2023. This is to prevent malicious updates.Other news: John Riccitiello resigned as CEO of Unity Software. Diablo IV's second season is well-received. Sony unveiled a smaller, redesigned PS5 with a price hike. Meta Quest 3 launches on October 13, 2023.This week on Shared Play: Cyberpunk 2077, RAGE 2, and Darktide. Voicemails: More about Star Citizen and the way people talk in CP2077.
  • CORE 386: Pretty Sneaky

    This week on CORE, we discuss a live-action Cyberpunk 2077 project by Anonymous Content, share their gaming experiences with Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty, AC Mirage, and various other titles. They touch on Diablo IV coming to Steam, Naughty Dog layoffs, and Animal Crossing's Lego adaptation. A listener email raises questions about the $600 million development cost of Star Citizen, emphasizing the need to focus on real issues rather than the money spent. And MORE!