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Coping in Copenhagen

CiC Headlines: Byebye to Babboe and no no to Novo

On this week's Friday show.

Denmark and the UK treat themselves to some voting rights.

And while Danish police are carrying out some shock testing,

It turns out Novo Nordisk is carrying out a lot of animal testing too.

Also, why you may need a certificate before you can get back on your Babboe bike.

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  • CiC: Rockall

    This week, Owen takes a deep dive into Denmark's disputeabout a rock in the middle of the Atlantic.And talks to the man who knows that Rock best.
  • CiC: Traitor

    On this Mondays episode. We're joined in studio by youtube and podcaster Derek Hartman and comedian Kriti Prajapati. To play a game of traitor.Well, our version of it. 5 people trying to get their Danish citizenship.While 2 spies hide in their midst.
  • CiC Headlines: Family reunions and Netto no goes.

    On this Fridays show Abby talks about the easing of certain rules for family reunification.While Owen tells us about a Netto and Superbrugsen that decided to ban school kids. Marius has a look whats happening with Copenhagen Pride.And we finally find out how a shark ended up on a cycle path.
  • CiC: Pig Appreciation Day

    On this Mondays show.Marius and Owen talk about the food industry in Denmark.Specifically the pork industry and what the future may hold for it? As well as ways we can appreciation our snout nosed friends.
  • CiC Headlines: Murky water, cyber safety and quantum investments

    While Novo Nordisk value surpasses the Danish GDPThe company looks to Denmark's physicists to invest in the future.Meanwhile a hacker in sentenced to 6 years in the largestcriminal case in Finnish history.And Cheminova and Magnus Heunicke find themselves in hot water over dirty dumping.(That headline's good enough for the NY Post!)
  • CiC introduces: Help Hole and The Little Book of Hygge

    This episode is a special crossover from Abby's other podcast, Help Hole.Where Abby and Sofie Hagen take turns reading self help books and telling each other about them. This episode about The Little Book of Hygge was recorded in the CIC studio with help from Owen! Link:
  • CiC: Play well

    On this Mondays show. After hearing about a wall street lawyer who quit their job to become a full time Lego sculpture.The CiC gang have a quick brainstorm to think how they can get in on this plastic Danish brick action.
  • CiC Headlines: Creature features and crazy crimes

    On this Fridays show. Marius tells us about a crazy crime that sounds like its straight from Hollywood. Abby take a look the 20% the Copenhageners who are not residents of DenmarkAnd man uniting them... through linkedin Sea monsters and wolf urine also come up.
  • CiC: Novo Noir

    On this Mondays episode. The CiC gang try to get a slice of the Novo Nordisk pie. By raising awareness internationally that it is indeed a Danish company. And what better why then making a Nordic Noir crime show about it!