COP26: we got this


Non-state actors, Paris implementation and Indigenous approaches to climate

Ep. 3

We need all hands on deck to address climate change. This means non-state actors, such as cities, corporations and local communities, will need to take decisive action to help us move towards a low-carbon and climate resilient world. In this episode, we look at the role of non-state actors, as well as Indigenous Knowledge and practices into effective climate adaptation strategies.

Our hosts, Dr Megan Bowman (King's College London) and Dr Will J Grant (Australian National University), speak with Dr Leslie-Anne Duvic-Paoli (King's College London) and Dr Rebecca Pearse (Australian National University) about how the Paris Agreement incorporates wider society, and Dr Emily Barritt (King's College London) about the role of climate litigation. They also speak with Dr Virginia Marshall (Australian National University) about Australian Indigenous approaches to land and water management, and climate adaptation.

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