COP26: we got this


Beyond COP26 – what happened and where to from here?

Ep. 5

What happened at COP26 and what are the implications? In the last episode of this special edition series, we explore the outcome of the 2021 global climate change summit with the experts that attended. We look at where we go to from here, including the role of academia in engaging with policymakers.

We are are joined by Dr Helen Adams (King's College London) who went in a official capacity as Head of Science Engagement for the UK COP Presidency, and Dr Stephen Minas (King's College London), who went as a negotiator, representing the Technology Executive Committee of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.

We also hear from Dr Christian Downie (Australian National University) and Dr Virginia Marshall (Australian National University), who attended as the representative of the Indigenous People’s Organisation Australia (IPO) and UN Indigenous Delegate for the Pacific.

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