Coolin' Out


What I Tell You (Feat. Feat. Terrence Fitch)

Ep. 103

Jarel and Kev welcome friend of the pod, Terrence (@yeathatterrence) back on the pod. The guys first catch up on Jarel's European vacation (3:30) before diving into Kanye's latest antics (12:00). Next, Kev and Terrence catch Rel up on all of the latest developments in the Pusha T/Drake beef that transpired while he was away (23:00). Then, they discuss the brawl between the Rockets and the Lakers (50:00), the Giants horrific season thus far (1:00:00), and the animosity between Eric Reid and Malcom Jenkins (1:12:00). This was a fun ep and if you like this, definitely check out Terrence's first appearance on our "Breakdown or Breakthrough" ep in the archives.

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