Coolin' Out


The Basketball Report (Feat. Austin Brown)

Ep. 105

Jarel and Kev welcome back, friend of the pod, Austin (@absmooth35) for another wide ranging and free flowing conversation on a number of things occurring in the NBA. The guys discuss the ongoing Jimmy Butler saga in Minnesota and how he's been handling it, the impact of Butler potentially going to the Rockets, Melo on the Rockets, Austin's takeaways from attending the recent Warriors/Knicks game, how history will look back on Lebron in light of the Warriors dominance, Lebron not looking like the best player in the world this season despite his numbers, disarray in Washington, current state of the Lakers, Blake Griffin's resurgence, ten top players in the East, Eastern Conference Champ, chemistry in Boston, issues in OKC, biggest competitor to the Warriors, debate whether or not the Rockets should go all in for Jimmy Butler, and the ideal closing lineup for the Lakers. Then, Austin and Jarel try to explain to Kev just how dominant Zion WIlliamson & R.J. Barrett are, discuss their favorite NBA rookies so far this season, give quick fantasy team updates and choose their MVP picks. Finally, Austin gives a quick update on his new hierarchy of Drake albums and the Pusha T beef. This was a lot of fun. Hope you guys enjoy.

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