Coolin' Out


Passenger (Feat. Lovel)

Ep. 97

Kev and Rel are joined this week by singer, songwriter and musician, Lovel (@iwritesongs). First, the guys go through Lovel’s origins and his parents support (1:00), honing his skills in the singing, writing, and engineering fields (4:00), Lovel’s creative process and love of collaboration (8:00), and how traveling’s helped enhance his music (13:00). Then, the guys discuss how Lovel collaborated with Fetty Wap and what it did for his career (16:00), getting on the Best Man Holiday soundtrack (20:00), people in and out of the industry that he’s been able to count on (22:00), importance of having a good team around him (28:00) and Lovel breaks down his latest project Passenger and how it fits into his planned trilogy of projects (32:00). Finally, Kev and Rel go through Lovel’s biggest inspirations (41:00), why he doesn’t worry about balancing making the music that he wants vs what he thinks people would want to hear (45:00) and his favorite albums this year (49:00). It was dope catching up with Lovel. We’ve known him since college so it’s really cool to see the growth. Check out his latest project Passenger and his newest single, “Ready”. 

Lovel- Ready

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