Coolin' Out


Neo Noir

Ep. 69

Jarel, Kev, and Sal are joined by musical collective, Neo Noir. The group comprises of artist/musician Andrew Stamos (@young_stamos), producer Siggi Arnarsson (@beezlord) and managers, Aramis Urena (@buckybackshots) and Dan Rivera ( This was a great conversation beginning with how the guys got together including Andrew moving to Canada to pursue his music (1:00), pros and cons of the internet (14:00), and the current saturation of music (18:00). Then, the guys and Neo Noir discuss everything that went into Andrew’s debut project, “Not All There While You’re Here” (25:00), creative process when putting music together (38:30) and finally goals for the project (45:00).

Check out Neo Noir at The Iridium 2/26 at 8:30

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