Coolin' Out


Lifting You Up (Feat. Tonia Moses)

Ep. 78

Jarel, Kev, and Sal welcome talented singer, songwriter, and friend of the show Tonia Moses (@toniamusic) back to the show. The guys and Tonia begin by discussing the sound of her upcoming EP ‘Lift You Up’ (4:30), and then Tonia breaks down her motivation and thoughts behind the four tracks on her EP (6:30). Then, they talk about how long it took Tonia to complete ‘Lift You Up’ (17:00), benefits of an EP length (24:00), breaking down her process for the EP (33:00), writing exercises Tonia does when creating (41:30), and what she wants listeners to take from ‘Lift You Up’ (46:00). Finally, the guys catch up with Tonia on music, movies, and pop culture (47:00).

'Lift Me Up' EP out 4/27

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