Coolin' Out


Do Something That Matters (Feat. Labor)

Ep. 73

This week on Coolin’ Out the guys are joined by the founders of Labor (@letslabor), our brother Reinaldo Piloto (@king_pilot) and his business partner, Dex. First, we start by getting to know a little about Dex (1:00), inception of Labor (2:00), difficulties the founders encountered, and lessons learned (7:00) how Labor’s different from other media companies (14:00) and the process of selecting their monthly themes (18:00). Then, Rei and Dex discuss opening up and interviewing people as natural introverts (26:00), long term vision for Labor (29:00), differences and similarities in their working styles (33:00) and balancing their personal and work lives (39:30). Finally, we talked about pushing yourself to work on your dreams even when you feel drained (45:00).


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