Coolin' Out


Alexander Morgan Live (Feat. Alexander Morgan)

Ep. 91

Jarel and Kev are finally back for a brand new Coolin’ Out ep with magician and mentalist Alexander Morgan (@alexmorganlive). The guys begin with what attracted Alex to magic (3:00), his ideal magic show (14:00), amount of time he puts into honing his craft (27:00), best magic tricks he’s ever seen (33:00), why he’d turn to law if being a magician doesn’t work out (41:00), why prospective venues should book him (55:00) how he’s grown as a magician and mentalist over the past eight years (58:00), and finally leaves us with a live magic trick (1:05:00). Definitely check out the YouTube channel for the last portion of the interview. It’s not everyday we get to talk to an actual magician/mentalist. 

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