Coolin' Out


Cut From A Different Cloth (Feat. Gigi)

Jarel, Kev, and Sal are joined this week by arguably their number one supporter, Gigi (@gigifromthe3rd). First, they cover how Gigi got on the show (3:00) and recap each other’s weeks (5:00). Then, they discuss concerns of robots in the workplace (18:30), how pay wages affect those trying to make it in NYC (28:00), Gigi’s approach to make a difference (43:30), the roots of her loyalty (53:00), her upbringing (58:00), and the impact that kindness can have on others (1:04:00). Finally, the guys and Gigi give their early thoughts on ‘Future’ and ‘Hendrix’ (1:09:00) and Sal breaks down the significance of the new TRAPPIST-1 findings (1:13:00).