Coolin' Out


The NYC Grind (Feat. TheNYCGrind)

The guys are joined this week by the cofounders of TheNYCGrind (@thenycgrind), Safiel (@safielvonay) and Santana(@seesantana). They begin by discussing the origins of TheNYCGrind (1:00), how Safiel and Santana first met (6:00), the process of finding artists to perform at their events (11:00), branching out to other places (16:00), early successes (20:00), their upcoming Art Bash event on May 13th (25:30) and Safiel showcases her spoken word ability (30:30). Then, they talk about the importance of patience and consistency (39:00), building confidence (49:00) and Santana gives us some bars of her own (53:00). Support TheNYCGrind and get some tickets for their ultra art bash